Comic-Con Playlist: Soundtrack for a Superhero


Whether you need some tracks to tide you over while you’re driving to San Diego or you just need some pump-up music to get you in the Comic-Con state of mind, let us give you some tips on tunes that will amp up your playlist. Enter, the Comic-Con playlist:

The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson: While this song isn’t directly related to comic books or superheroes, it is one of the quintessential progressive rock anthems of our time and a great opening song for any rock fan’s playlist. That being said, the song is featured in the dystopian sci-fi movie, “Children of Men,” so it does have at least a little movie cred.

Iron Man by Black Sabbath: Other than the fact that the song has the same name as one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes, it is also just a great rock song that’ll get you about as pumped as is humanly possible. In other words, maximum pumpage. On a lighter note, the song is not actually named after the superhero. It’s about a man who travels through time and sees the apocalypse. After being turned to metal, he seeks revenge on mankind. That’s pretty metal, right?

Space Oddity by David Bowie: Considering that Bowie himself is obviously a superhero (or villain if “The Venture Bros.” is indeed correct in its assumptions), we thought it would be appropriate to feature one of his better, and weirder, songs. Keeping to the space/sci-fi theme, we bring you “Space Oddity.”

New York Groove by Kiss: Doesn’t it seem like every superhero lives, works and protects New York? Not that it’s a bad thing, reading about a superhero who takes care of Sioux Falls would probably be a pretty boring experience. So, in honor of the Big Apple, we give you Kiss’s rock ballad to the city of New York.

Achilles Last Stand by Led Zeppelin: We had to put Zeppelin on here somewhere, and while there are numerous Tolkien-referencing songs to choose from that would be just perfect for a Comic-Con playlist, we thought that we’d go a little more obscure (just a little). “Achilles Last Stand” is a high-octane song with a really driving groove.

Spider-Man by The Ramones: Did you know that The Ramones did that rendition of “Spider-Man” you’ve been hearing since you were a kid? And if you haven’t seen the video that goes along with it, you should go do that. Now.

Raise the Roof by Public Enemy: This tune really showcases how great a rapper Chuck D is. But why does it belong on this list? About halfway through the tune, Chuck mentions two Marvel characters by name. Thor is the first one, but you should check out the song to find out the second. It’s a pretty obscure reference¬Ö

Flash by Queen: Queen did the soundtrack for a “Flash Gordon” movie. Did you know that? Apparently there were only two tracks on the entire album that had lyrics and this is one of them. Oddly enough, even if you didn’t know that the song was for a soundtrack, you’ve probably heard this tune. It’s pretty amazing.