Go from Boring Clark Kent to Superman with These Style Tips


Now that Comic-Con is almost here, you might be getting excited about all of the cool comic books, video games and movies that are on the way. Aren’t we all? But don’t forget that there’s a lot more to San Diego than just the Con. Let us give you some tips to keep yourself looking stylish for this Comic-Con, whether you’re walking around the show floor or hitting the bars for some after-Con fun.

Roll-Up the Sleeves of Your Button Down Shirts: You know what’s never a good idea? Short-sleeved button downs. They’re not quite casual, not quite formal, but always tacky. Try wearing a long-sleeved button down and rolling up the sleeves to just below your elbows. This’ll keep you looking as cool as you feel.

Flip-Flops are the Only Sandals You Should Ever Wear: There is never a good excuse to wear sandals that require any sort of straps, buckles or zippers. They never look good, they never feel good and, the worst part, they actually tend to be more expensive. Stick to flip-flops. They’re casual, cool and won’t send people running.

No Funny/Ironic T-Shirts: There comes a point when wearing a plain, colored t-shirt becomes a much better choice than plastering a bunch of text and images on your chest. And yes, I realize that your shirt has a really good joke on it that references an awesome movie that only really cool people will get. Do you see my point here?

Invest in a Few Nice Pairs of Jeans: If you’ve never bought jeans that cost more than $60, then you’re most likely missing out. Not that you need to spend $300 on a pair, but there are jeans that will fit you better than the ones you buy at Costco and those tend to be a bit pricier. Invest in 1-3 pairs of nice jeans. They’re appropriate for almost all occasions and barely have to be washed.

Upgrade Your Shave: Very rarely does facial hair look good. But, even if you’re absolutely dead set on keeping your mustache, you’ll still need to keep the rest of your face clean-shaven. Invest in a nice razor and some good shaving cream. Your face will thank you and so will the person who kisses it.

Slacks or Jeans – No Khakis: Here’s the problem with khakis, they’re basically the opposite of jeans. They’re too casual for formal occasions and too formal to just hang around the house. They aren’t usually flattering and they just aren’t versatile.

Try Out a Henley: We all love our grungy t-shirts. They’re comfy and… Well, grungy. But sometimes you have to spice things up a little. Try a Henley. They’re less formal (and preppy) than a polo, but they’ve got more going on than your basic t-shirt. They’re comfy, classy and, best of all, incredibly trendy.

One Time, Be the Best Dressed Guy in the Room: This is a daunting piece of advice, but one that you won’t regret. Next time you go to a bar, a concert or any sort of social gathering, try being the best dressed guy in the room. Put on some slacks, pull out your favorite tie… Just suit up. You never know, you might actually enjoy it.

Instead of a Sweatshirt, Try a Cardigan: Sweatshirts are like comfort food. They’re great when you’re at home by yourself, but when you go out, you need to class it up a bit. Cardigans serve the same purpose, but with a bit more style.

Head to the Gym: Most of these rules can be ignored if you have the body of a god. Seems like nobody really cares what you’re wearing if all they’re thinking about is what’s underneath…