Comic-Con: Try These Superhero-Themed Cocktail Recipes


Ready to celebrate Comic-Con the right way? As in, with lots and lots of mixed drinks which are comically named to resemble your favorite comic book heroes? Well, you’re in luck! We have just the list of cocktails for you:

The Captain America Shot: Give this recipe a try in honor of Cap. Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee that you’ll get super-human strength from this, but, if you see some guy chasing you with a red skull for a head, you might want to call the hospital.
Lace the bottom of a shot glass with grenadine – fill it up to about 1/3rd of the glass, then place a spoon (facing down) right on top of the red liquid. Next, dribble some half-and-half down on top of the grenadine, making sure that it floats above it, until the glass is about 2/3rd of the way full. Repeat the last step with the spoon and add some blueberry schnapps to complete the patriotic trifecta. Finally, lace the top with some Everclear and light that thing on fire! Mmmmm. Tastes like freedom.

Superman’s Weakness: Named after the only thing that can keep Superman down, this drink is about as brightly colored as it is tasty. So, if you’re ready to tempt fate with a Kryptonite-inspired drink, then try this: three parts melon liqueur, two parts Sprite and one part white rum. Add some ice and stir (don’t shake, Sprite doesn’t like that very much). Protip: If it isn’t delicious, you did it wrong.

The Incredible Hulk: Why is this one called The Incredible Hulk, you ask? Well, other than the fact that it was probably concocted in some crazy science lab, it also glows an unnatural green. You know, like the Hulk?
Try this one out: two parts Absinthe, one part melon liqueur and three parts Mountain Dew. Stir, garnish with a kiwi and enjoy.
Also, try to keep your blood pressure down for a few hours after you drink it. You know, just in case.

The Black Widow (AKA Black Russian): Well, you probably know what this drink is based on, but we figured that we’d give you a comic book twist on an old favorite. So enjoy this tasty, and alcoholic, drink.
Mix one part coffee liqueur with one part vodka and two parts coffee. Remember, drink this one early in the night, otherwise you might not get to bed at all… Unless that’s what you’re looking for!

The Dark Knight: It’s dark, it’s sultry and it’s got a lemon. No, really, you garnish it with a lemon, so you should probably carve it into the batsignal to stay on-theme.
Two parts vodka and one part black raspberry liqueur. Put them in a mixer with some ice, shake and serve in a martini glass. Add your batsignal lemon. If this doesn’t make Bruce Wayne proud, we sure as hell don’t know what will.

Spider-Man’s Web: Okay, this one has a nasty kick to it. But that’s not a bad thing! One word of advice, beware the candy…
Mix one part raspberry liqueur, one part cherry liqueur and two parts tequila. That not enough for you? How about adding a few dashes of pop rocks into the mix? Now stand back and wait for the kick!

The Iron Man: Finely-aged Scotch on the rocks. Iron Man doesn’t mess around with girly drinks.