CS Video: Sit Down with Disney Legends Peter Behn and Donald Dunagan


Disney Legends Donald Dunagan and Peter Behn voiced young Bambi and Thumper.

Watch our chat with Disney Legends Peter Behn and Donald Dunagan, who voiced young Bambi and Thumper

It’s hard to even contemplate that Bambi, Walt Disney‘s fifth feature length animated film (following Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia and Dumbo), is now 75 years old. For many, the film has simply always existed. After all, Bambi is a story that children have grown up with and passed along to their own children. That’s why it is a particular honor to sit down with two Disney legends, Bambi voice actors Peter Behn and Donald Dunagan. When they were only a few years old, they lent their voices to young Thumper and young Bambi, respectively! Now, with Bambi debuting as part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection (on Blu-ray and DVD June 6), ComingSoon.net is chatting with two of the men that helped make the animated coming-of-age story one that has endured for generations.

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From Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, the new edition of Bambi joins the Signature Collection with a variety of new bonus material, including recordings of Walt Disney discussing the challenges and triumphs during the production of Bambi, deleted scenes and characters, stories and effects that Bambi had on the Studio, other films and artists, and much, much more. Additionally, the Digital HD release includes an exclusive, heartfelt feature on the incredible artist, Tyrus Wong, who inspired the film’s soft watercolor backgrounds and beautiful palette. Wong passed away late last year at age 106.

As Donald Dunagan explains in the below interview, Bambi was released in 1942 during World War II and took over five years to make due to its exquisite hand-drawn artwork and attention to detail. Beloved by generations, Bambi holds the No. 3 spot on the American Film Institute‘s “10 Top 10,” honoring the 10 greatest animated films of all time.

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