ThunderCats: The Original Series, Season 1, Part 1


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Rating: Not Rated

Bob McFadden as Snarf
Larry Kenney as Lion-O
Earl Hammond as Mumm-Ra
Lynne Lipton as Cheetara
Earle Hyman as Panthro
Peter Newman as Tygra
Gerrianne Raphael as Pumyra
Doug Preis as Alluro

Special Features:
Interviews: Feel the Magic, Hear The Roar: ThunderCats Fans Speak Out

Other Info:
Fullscreen (1.33:1)
Dolby Digital Mono Sound
Running Time: 267 Minutes

The Details:
The following is the official description of the film:

“In a distant galaxy, the world of Thundera is in crisis. The planet’s structure has become unstable and is near collapse. With their destruction imminent, Thundera’s denizens–known as the Thundercats–escape in a spaceship and plot a course for a new home. While in transit, the Thundercats are attacked by evil mutants and their craft is irreparably damaged. Jaga, the eldest Thundercat, sacrifices himself in order to pilot the ship safely to its destination: Third Earth.”

“ThunderCats: The Original Series, Season 1, Part 1” is not rated.

Just in time for the new “ThunderCats” series on Cartoon Network, WB is re-releasing the original series on DVD. This set contains 12 episodes of the series including the origin of the ThunderCats. Watching this again after 25 years surprised me a bit. I had forgotten that Lion-O was originally a child. I had also forgotten that all of the ThunderCats were basically naked in the first episode. Go figure that one out. Anyway, the animation of “ThunderCats” was great and it still stands up well today. The action, effects, and characterizations were well executed and are better than some cartoons on the air today. I showed my two young sons “ThunderCats” and they were certainly interested in it. It’s cool to see that, even 25 years later, it can still engage kids.

The first season of “ThunderCats” was already released in a set back in 2005. This DVD has some of the same episodes and the same lone bonus feature entitled “Feel the Magic, Hear The Roar: ThunderCats Fans Speak Out.” It has interviews with Wil Wheaton and several other ThunderCats fans. But the like with the previous DVD set, the video transfer of the cartoons isn’t great. It was not remastered at all. So if you’re a big ThunderCats fan, I suggest you pick up the 2005 release since you get more episodes and the same lone bonus feature.