The Simple Life 2 – Road Trip


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Rating: Not Rated

Paris Hilton
Nicole Richie

Special Features:
Over 30-minute, wildly hilarious, never-before-seen outtakes reel

Lost Episode from Season One

Other Info:
Full Frame (1.33:1)
Dolby Surround
Spanish Subtitles
Running Time: 275 Minutes

The following is the text from the DVD cover:

“Paris and Nicole are back – this time on a hilarious cross-country trip! Devoid of cell phones, cash and credit cards, pampered pals Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie haul their pink trailer from Miami to Beverly Hills. Never losing their attitude, the dynastic duo go from maximum shopping to minimum wage. Whether they’re working as maids or shoveling out barns, the two rich and sexy blondes leave heads turning and fingers wagging wherever they stop.”

The Simple Life 2 – Road Trip is not rated.

The Movie:
I really only have one reaction to these two women – disgust. I can’t think of two more useless human beings on the planet and this TV series celebrates that uselessness. You see these two sluts trying to make their way across the US without cash. Along the way these multi-millionaires sucker hard working real people into giving them money for their trip. Here and there along the way they are given “jobs” where try and earn money. Instead they prove to be incompetent, they are immature, they make messes, and they generally show contempt for people with real lives. These are celebrities that the public admires?

The first episode takes an annoying turn when Paris Hilton falls off a horse. She gets a bruise, dirt on her face, and a sprained wrist. So what do they do? Call in an emergency medical helicopter to fly her to the hospital. I couldn’t help but wonder which person with a real life threatening injury had to wait for that helicopter while Hilton was pampered. Again, it was disgusting.

My intense distaste for these spoiled rich brats aside, I have to give credit to the creators of the show. They stuck to the concept for the first show and took it to the next level. Putting these ditzes in bizarre situations all the way across the U.S. was a nice touch. The clever editing and amusing employers made the series better than it should be.

This whole series really wasn’t my cup of tea. I wouldn’t recommend this DVD to anyone that didn’t watch the TV series when it first aired. If you liked The Osbournes, then you might enjoy this. However, I have to wonder why anyone would want to give Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie more money than they already have by buying this DVD.

The Extras:
There are two bonus features included on this DVD. The first is an outtake reel from Season Two and the second is a Lost Episode from Season One. It’s really just more from the TV show, nothing more. If you liked the show, then you’ll like these bonus features.

The Bottom Line:
Unless you like seeing spoiled rich sluts manipulate men, act incompetent, and generally be useless, then I suggest you pass on The Simple Life 2 – Road Trip.