Wrong Turn at Tahoe


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Rating: R

Genevieve Alexandra as Tiff
John Cenatiempo as Johnny
Miguel Ferrer as Vincent
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Joshua
Noel Gugliemi as Frankie Tahoe
Harvey Keitel as Nino
Louis Mandylor as Steven
Reed McColm as Donnie
Jason Mckee as Thug 1
Alex Meneses as Marisa
Johnny Messner as Mickey
Paul Sampson as Richie
Mike Starr as Paulie
Michael Sean Tighe as Jeff
Leonor Varela as Anna
Rich Warren as Anthony

Special Features:
The Making of “Wrong Turn at Tahoe”

Other Info:
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Spanish and French Subtitles
Running Time: 90 Minutes

The Details:
The following is the official description of the film:

“Love. Honor. Power. Fear of death… People live for all kinds of reasons. Life becomes the ultimate battle when all you’re living for is revenge. Joshua (OscarĀ® winner Cuba Gooding Jr.), a hard-nosed collector for a ruthless mob boss (Miguel Ferrer), lives in a world filled with brutal violence and beautiful women. But when he finds himself in the middle of a power struggle with the most dominant drug lord in the business (Harvey Keitel), Joshua knows that one false move could cause everything to come crashing down. Packed with intense action and gripping suspense, this explosive tale of vengeance shows how just one wrong turn can lead to a dead end.”

“Wrong Turn at Tahoe” is rated R for strong bloody violence, pervasive language, some drug use and sexual content.

Let’s start with the good. I first saw Miguel Ferrer when he appeared in “RoboCop.” He was awesomely evil there and has played a lot of baddies since. More recently he was a regular on “Crossing Jordan” and actually played one of the good guys. In “Wrong Turn at Tahoe,” he returns to his evil roots in a big way. From intimidating goons to getting into shootouts to beating people to death with baseball bats, he’s as bad as they come as Vincent. If you love watching him be evil, you’ll enjoy “Wrong Turn at Tahoe.” Unfortunately, that may be the only thing you enjoy about this movie.

Harvey Keitel, who is normally pretty good, is cast as the…shock…mob boss He totally phones in the tough guy routine and is not asked to do anything he hasn’t done before. He also doesn’t even appear until the halfway point in the movie. Cuba Gooding Jr. shows a new side as a brutal enforcer for Vincent. While it’s interesting to see him torture people and carry out hits, it’s not really enough of a draw to make this otherwise dull movie worth checking out.

There is a potentially promising gun battle towards the end, but it loses steam as it progresses. Gooding Jr. also inexplicably throws his gun aside and gets into hand to hand combat with a goon. His character seemed more practical than that up until that point.

“Wrong Turn at Tahoe” ends up being a fairly dull, basic crime drama. I’d only recommend it to people who really love the crime genre or big fans of the lead actors.

There’s only one bonus feature included on the DVD. It’s your standard “making of” featurette with interviews with the cast and crew, behind the scenes footage, and other such stuff. There’s no commentary, deleted scenes, or other standard bonus feature offerings.