Corey Holcomb – The Problem Is You


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Rating: Not Rated

Corey Holcomb

Special Features:
Bonus CD

Backstage with Corey

Get The #*!@ Away From Each Other: Free Advice from the Ghetto Dr. Phil

Corey’s Love Lair – a mood-setting screen for your TV.

Other Info:
Running Time: 45 Minutes

The following description is from the DVD cover:

“Are you lost in the sweet music of romance? Then get the #*!@ outta here. Have you found The One? Pleeze. Prepare to laugh your @$$ off, as Corey Holcomb, aka “the Ghetto Dr. Phil”, gets caustic on the lies and traps of dating and marriage. Diagnosis: The problem is you. But no worries, there is a cure for love. Watch, listen and learn.”

This DVD is not rated, but the content is definitely for mature viewers.

The Movie:
Of the three “Breakout Comedy Series” DVD’s that I have reviewed, I thought this one was the funniest. The main focus of Corey Holcomb’s routine is dating and relationships. While his personal relationships and theories about men and women seem a bit twisted, they are good for a few laughs. He talks about how men can get away with checking out other women on a date by talking bad about them. After all, if you’re commenting on how trashy a girl looks, your own date won’t notice you checking her out, right? He also has some funny jokes on single women, dealing with ex-husbands of his girlfriends, and bad breakups. His routines are filled with the kinds of jokes that will make you look to your girlfriend for permission before laughing at them.

Holcomb’s act has some crude humor and profanity included here and there, but not nearly to the extent of some of the other comedians in the “Breakout Comedy Series”. Personally I think this shows that Holcomb is a better comedian. After all, the dirty jokes are the easy ones. Just go listen in any high school locker room for proof.

If you’re looking for some comedy that is filled with good laughs rather than jokes geared toward being shocking, mean spirited, or sexual in nature, then I think you’ll find Holcomb’s routine not only more accessible but genuinely funnier.

The Extras:
There are a few extras included on this DVD:

Bonus Audio CD – This DVD comes with an audio CD of Holcomb’s routine. I don’t know if you’d want to hear it more than once, but you could play it in your car stereo for friends while stuck in traffic if the need hit you.

Backstage with Corey – This 3 minute video shows Corey chatting backstage (when his cell phone isn’t ringing). He seems a little more natural here, but also a little less cool and calm like in his routine. He mainly philosophizes about how you should only have sex with people and never care for them. Apparently that’s the only way to be successful in life. Thanks for the tip!

Get The #*!@ Away From Each Other: Free Advice from the Ghetto Dr. Phil – In this short routine, Corey reads letters from viewers and gives them relationship advice. It’s a brief version of his standup routine.

Corey’s Love Lair – a mood-setting screen for your TV. – If you want an endless video loop of a fireplace and a glass of wine playing on your screen, this is for you.

The Bottom Line:
I probably wouldn’t recommend viewing this DVD unless you like comedy shows, but you’ll probably find this one to be enjoyable if you’re interested, especially if you’re dating.