Doug Stanhope – Deadbeat Hero


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Rating: Not Rated

Doug Stanhope

Special Features:
Street Rants

Doug Stanhope: Behind The Mullet

Screen Saver

Other Info:
Running Time: 95 Minutes

The following description is from the DVD cover:

“Doug Stanhope-Deadbeat Hero thrusts you into the twisted, brutally funny world of this acclaimed comic. In a performance that serves up everything from graphic perversion to stinging social criticism, Stanhope proves himself to be one of the few comedians around with a gift for making the ugly truths of modern life downright hilarious. Topics like abortion, liberty, war and vasectomies get filtered through his raw, uninhibited comedy, and the result is an unforgettable show guaranteed to entertain, offend and enlighten. Taped earlier this year in Seattle, WA, Doug’s set runs over 90 minutes!”

This DVD is not rated, but the content is definitely for mature viewers.

The Movie:
Doug Stanhope’s shtick is to be politically incorrect. He’s pro-drugs and pro-drinking and driving. He makes fun of retarded people, Siamese twins, and other people with physical disabilities. He makes fun of cops and jokes about U.S. troops being shot and killed. So as you can see, if there’s something that you could be offended about, he’ll probably eventually hit on it. You’ll either love it or hate it depending on your personal tastes. I actually didn’t care for it.

As Stanhope delivers his routine, he takes shots at audience members and constantly drinks. In fact, he seems to have trouble spitting his words out as the show progresses. In any case, his cocky attitude makes him a little bit harder to accept.

Every once in a while, though, he was able to make me laugh. He had a funny bit about airport security. He had another amusing routine about how alcohol was the lazy man’s drug. (If it were harder to get like ecstasy, he wouldn’t bother with it.) In the end, I think he’s funniest when he’s not taking potshots at various people or groups. He has a good eye for finding humor in everyday situations, but it’s not so entertaining when he does it in a mean spirited way at other people’s expense.

This DVD is really only for people that enjoy politically incorrect humor and people that make fun of the Special Olympics. Everyone else will probably enjoy other comedians better.

The Extras:
There are a few extras included on this DVD:

Street Rants – While Doug Stanhope does 5 sets of jokes on the street, a guy plays a banjo in the background. He talks about how he was once unjustly arrested by cops when he was 17. He talks about how old people run the country because they are the only ones who vote. If you liked his regular routine, you’ll enjoy this.

Doug Stanhope: Behind The Mullet – A baby faced Stanhope, sporting a variety of mullets, is shown in video from some routines early in his career. You can see that even back then profanity and un-PC jokes were a staple of his routine.

Screen Saver – This is just an endless video loop of the banjo guy playing on the screen. Why you’d want this as a screensaver, I have no idea.

The Bottom Line:
Doug Stanhope is yet another comedian whose routine is based on being crude or shocking. You already know whether you find that entertaining or not.