Pablo Francisco – Bits and Pieces: Live From Orange County


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Rating: Not Rated

Pablo Francisco

Special Features:
Commentary track

“Inside The Comic’s Studio” featurette

Beans & Rice screen saver

Bonus CD

Other Info:
Running Time: 55 Minutes

This DVD features the standup comedy routine of Pablo Francisco. He is apparently a hot new comedian who has been seen on Mad TV, The Tonight Show, and more. His trademarks are voices, Latino jokes, and other things.

On this comedy show he covers such topics as NASCAR gear, soft porn, love songs, Aaron Neville, Psycho Chicks, Vegas, and other topics.

This DVD isn’t rated, but the material is definitely R-rated. It features sexual themes, language, and other mature subject matter.

The Movie:
I hate to say it, but Pablo Francisco’s style of humor just didn’t appeal to me. He relies way too much on sexual humor and profanity for my personal tastes. While I’m sure this doesn’t bother other people out there, it seemed to me that he wasn’t capable of being very funny outside of that realm. He seems a bit cocky to me and he reminded me of clowns in high school who were only funny as long as they were making fun of someone else or making sexual jokes. That didn’t appeal to me back then and it doesn’t appeal to me now. The people at the comedy club where Francisco performs seem to be laughing their heads off, but I’m sure the alcohol helped a bit.

Occasionally Francisco ventures into the realm of being funny for me, but he usually falls back on his crutch of sexual humor or profanity. For example, he has a funny bit about making a frog noise in a club and driving the staff crazy about it. The sexual part? It’s in a strip club. He has another funny routine about losing money in Vegas, but most of his punchlines consist of blurting out cuss words. This is pretty much typical through the rest of his act.

He’s also pretty good at doing voices, but he really only does three – a redneck, a stripper, and a Hispanic. He doesn’t go much beyond these.

Your enjoyment in this DVD will entirely depend on what kind of humor you like, but Pablo Francisco’s style didn’t appeal to me at all. You might have better luck, though.

The Extras:
There are a few extras included in this two disc set:

Commentary track – Pablo actually delivers a commentary to his act. He talks about the origins of some of his jokes and then offers variations of the same jokes. It’s really just like listening to his whole routine a second time. I imagine this will be more appealing to aspiring comedians than general audiences, though.

“Inside The Comic’s Studio” featurette – This is a very brief video where Francisco talks about where he got the ideas for some of his jokes. It’s a lot of the same stuff as in the commentary, but it’s probably better to hear in small doses like this than a full commentary.

Beans & Rice screen saver – I don’t know why this is called a “screen saver”, but it’s here for you. It’s just video of a plate of beans and rice that slowly disappear to reveal an image of Mary.

Bonus CD – If you don’t want to watch Pablo Francisco on your TV, you can listen to him in your car with this CD. It’s simply the audio of his show in CD format. If I had liked his routine, this would have been a nice extra.

The Bottom Line:
I’d only recommend this DVD to people that actually go to comedy clubs. If you’ve never stepped inside one, this DVD probably isn’t for you.