The Transformers: Season Two, Volume One


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Rating: Not Rated

Frank Welker as Megatron / Skywarp / Soundwave / Sludge / Trailbreaker / Laserbeak / Ravage / Mirage
Peter Cullen as Ironhide / Optimus Prime
Jack Angel as Ramjet / Smokescreen
Michael Bell as Prowl / Sideswipe / Swoop
Gregg Berger as Grimlock / Barbarian
Corey Burton as Spike Witwicky / Sunstreaker / Brawn
Victor Caroli as Narrator
Michael Chain as Red Alert / Hoist
Scatman Crothers as Jazz
Bud Davis as Dirge
Walker Edmiston as Inferno
Paul Eiding as Perceptor
Ed Gilbert as Blitzwing / Thrust
Dan Gilvezan as Bumblebee
Buster Jones as Blaster
Casey Kasem as Cliffjumper
Chris Latta as Sparkplug Witwicky / Starscream / Wheeljack
Michael McConnohie as Tracks
Don Messick as Gears / Ratchet
Hal Rayle as Snarl
Peter Renaday as Grapple
Neil Ross as Slag
Ken Sansom as Hound
John Stephenson as Huffer / Thundercracker / Windcharger

Special Features:

Other Info:
Fullscreen (1.33:1)
Running Time: 11 Hours

The Details:
The following is the official description of the series:

“The War Against the Decepticons Rages On in The First 28 Episodes of Season Two!

The adventures of Optimus Prime and his valiant Autobots continue as they protect their new home planet, Earth, and its people against power-hungry Megatron and his Decepticons. With the help of their human friends Spike, Sparkplug, Chip and Carlee, the Autobots search for the fuel necessary to send them home and reenergize their planet of Cybertron. But if the Decepticons seize their energy source first, the entire universe may suffer the consequences under the reign of the malevolent Megatron.

This 4-DVD set contains the first 28 episodes from the second season of ‘The Transformers,’ including fan-favorites such as the two-part Dinobot Island, Enter The Nightbird, The Master Builders and The God Gambit.”

“The Transformers: Season Two, Volume One” is not rated.

“The Transformers” return with Season Two! I watched the show religiously as a kid and actually hadn’t seen some of these episodes in 25 years. The Dinobots are featured heavily in multiple episodes. We also get big doses of the Insecticons (who multiply themselves) and the Constructicons (and Devastator who is turned good!). This season also introduced a female character in the mix with Carlee. But wait! There’s a female robot, too, when we meet a ninja robot named Nightbird. Another notable thing is the Decepticons step up their offensive against humanity. They manage to trick the humans into banishing the Autobots from Earth, then wreak havoc once they are gone. You have to wonder if that would be inspiration for one of the future “Transformer” live action movies.

Since this DVD set restores some lost footage that hasn’t been seen since it was first aired, this is really a required addition to the collections of “Transformers” fans. It’s also a great opportunity for younger fans to see them for the first time.

Unfortunately, there are no bonus features included in this set. Better luck next time!