Transformers: The Complete First Season


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Rating: Not Rated

Frank Welker as Megatron
Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime
Chris Latta as Starscream
Corey Burton as Spike Witwicky
John Stephenson as Thundercracker
Dan Gilvezan as Bumblebee
Casey Kasem as Bluestreak
Michael Bell as Prowl
Don Messick as Ratchet
Scatman Crothers as Jazz
Ken Sansom as Hound
Gregg Berger as Grimlock
Neil Ross as Slag

Special Features:
– Restored to the original broadcast versions with a new stereo soundtrack created from the original audio
– Triplechanger: From Toy To Comic To Screen: The Origins Of The Transformers
– Printable Transport to Oblivion Script
– Rare PSAs
– Archival Hasbro toy commercials
– Limited edition Autobot magnet inside

Other Info:
Fullscreen (1.33:1)
Running Time: 360 Minutes

The Series:
The following is the official description of the series:

“Where it all began! This 25th anniversary DVD set includes the complete first season from the Generation One animated series. Packed with Generation One extras including a new look at the Transformers, rare PSAs, original toy commercials, and more.

Four million years after crash landing on an unfamiliar planet, sentient robots with the ability to disguise themselves as common vehicles awaken on present day Earth. Engaged in a crucial race to find a new energy source for their home planet of Cybertron, Optimus Prime and the heroic Autobots must defend the innocent people of Earth against their archnemeses, Megatron and the power-hungry Decepticons.

For 25 years the war between the peace loving Autobots and the villainous Decepticons has captivated children and adults alike, launching countless collectible toys, comic books, animated series and feature films beloved by loyal fans. Now you can return to where the phenomenon began with the original ‘The Transformers: The Complete First Season.'”

“Transformers” is not rated.

With the impending release of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” the original animated series is being released on DVD again. This time around it is remastered and restored to its original version broadcast on the air. This DVD was a lot of fun for me because it was a chance to see some of the cartoons that I hadn’t watched since the mid-80’s. It was also a chance for my kids to see the cartoons that started it all.

Revisiting the shows after 25 years was a little bittersweet. Some of the animation really held up well and is better than some of the cartoons you see today. Other pieces of it you can tell they were really phoning it in. In some ways it’s amazing to see how they gave the characters such distinct personalities, how solid the stories were, and how impressive the action scenes were. Others, well, weren’t that impressive. But whether you’re appreciating it 25 years later or for the first time, this is solid entertainment for boys both young and old.

Among the bonus features I was really hoping to see something featuring the voice cast. That was not included, much to my disappointment. But there is a great documentary on the creation of the toys, their modifications from their original Japanese incarnations, the development of the storyline, the comics, and more. It’s a little amusing that “Marvel” is never mentioned when they discuss the comics despite the fact they had a key role in the development of Transformers. There was a lot of history that I had never heard, so this was a highlight of the DVD for me. They also have some of the original TV commercials though they are of poor video quality. Amusingly, they blur out the faces of the little kids in the commercials. Sucks to be them. Also included in the DVD set is a black and white Autobot logo magnet which is now proudly displayed on our refrigerator. At least our appliances aren’t allied with the Decepticons.