Walt Disney Treasures – The Chronological Donald: Volume One


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Rating: G

Special Features:
Introduction by Film Historian Leonard Maltin

Publicity and Memorabilia Gallery

Story and Background Art Gallery

Easter Eggs

Other Info:
Fullscreen (1.33:1)
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Running Time: 4 Hours 35 Minutes

This continues the outstanding “Walt Disney Treasures” series featuring classics raided from the Disney vaults. Leonard Maltin hosts these looks back in time.

This is the first DVD featuring Donald Duck and it contains his cartoons from 1934 – 1941. The following cartoons are included in this set:

1934: The Wise Little Hen

1936: Donald and Pluto

1937: Don Donald, Modern Inventions, Donald’s Ostrich

1938: Self Control, Donald’s Better Self, Donald’s Nephews, Polar Trappers, Good Scouts, The Fox Hunt, Donald’s Golf Game

1939: Donald’s Lucky Day, Hockey Champ, Donald’s Cousin Gus, Beach Picnic, Sea Scouts, Donald’s Penguin, The Autograph Hound, Officer Duck

1940: The Riveter, Donald’s Dog Laundry, Billposters, Mr. Duck Steps Out, Put-Put Troubles, Donald’s Vacation, Window Cleaners, Fire Chief

1941: Timber, Golden Eggs, A Good Time for a Dime, Early to Bed, Truant Officer Donald, Old MacDonald Duck, Donald’s Camera, Chef Donald

This DVD is a limited edition that consists of 165,000 sets.

The Movie:
I apologize for the fact that this is almost a “cut-and-paste” review from my Mickey Mouse DVD review, but almost all of my comments from that DVD are applicable here as well.

Just like all of the other DVDs in this series, these Disney Treasures continue to be outstanding looks at the history of Walt Disney’s work. They are required viewing for any film history buff or animation buff. These cartoons wouldn’t have otherwise seen the light of day because they are somewhat dated in look or occasionally un-PC in content. To have them available here truly makes them a treasure. And since I’m a big Donald Duck fan, I found this to be a particular treat.

Just like with the Mickey Mouse DVDs, despite the old animation and dated look, children and adults both still love them. I sat my 5 year old and 2 year old in front of the TV to watch them and they loved them. And with 4 hours and 35 minutes of content, that will keep them entertained for quite a while. For that alone parents may find them to be worth the money.

Leonard Maltin continues to be a likable and enthusiastic host. He’s not on this DVD as much as he is on the others, but he dishes out all sorts of interesting trivia about the animation.

Just like on the Mickey DVDs, it’s interesting to see how Donald has transformed over the years. You see him from his early angular version all the way to his 1941 incarnation. I had also forgotten how Donald made his landmark debut in “The Wise Little Hen”. He was a co-star with “Peter Pig”. Look for the debuts of Huey, Dewy, Louie, and Daisy Duck on this DVD, too.

All in all, this is a fantastic DVD well worth adding to your collection.

The Extras:
This DVD lacks the extras of some of the others. I expect you’ll find the interviews with the voice talent and the animators in the upcoming “Volume Two” DVD featuring Donald Duck. What are included are some galleries and a few Easter Eggs (which I haven’t found yet).

The Bottom Line:
This DVD is required viewing for animation buffs, film fans, and kids. Definitely add it to your collection.