I Am Legend (Two-Disc Special Edition)


Will Smith as Dr. Robert Neville
Alice Braga as Anna
Charlie Tahan as Ethan
Salli Richardson as Zoe Neville
Willow Smith Marley Neville

Directed by Francis Lawrence


By now, with its massive box-office numbers duly noted in Warner Bros.’ ’07 annual report and its rep within the horror community settling in just above the so-so territory occupied by its two predecessors, there’s little debate about the highs and lows of “I Am Legend.” This third adaptation of Richard Matheson’s landmark novel drew universal praise for its realization of a dead world and star Will Smith’s portrayal of that world’s presumed last living resident, but caught critical flack for some irritatingly dismal CG characters and an ending seen by many as unfaithful at best, condescending at worst – all of which is even more evident upon revisiting the film on DVD. Like a sparkler, it ignites in a bold, brilliant flash, only to fizzle out at the end of its wick, a film that yearns for perfection but seemingly tires of its pursuit.

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