Prey For Rock & Roll


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Rating: R

Gina Gershon as Jacki
Drea de Matteo as Tracy
Lori Petty as Faith
Shelly Cole as Sally
Marc Blucas as Animal
Ivan Martin as Nick
Eddie Driscoll as Chuck
Ashley Drane as Punk Rock Girl
Shakara Ledard as Jessica
Texas Terri as Herself
Sandra Seacat as Jacki’s Mom
Nancy Pimental as Natalie
Greg Rikaart as Scott
Francois Harold as Johnny
Joannah Portman as Sorority Girl #1

Special Features:
Commentary by director Alex Steyermark

Other Info:
Running Time: 92 Minutes

This film is based on a play by Cheri Lovedog.

On the verge of turning 40, Jacki is the leader of a band called the “Clam Dandys”. After 20 years of playing punk rock, they have yet to make it big. On top of that, the band has their own set of personal problems. Bass player Tracy has an abusive boyfriend as well as drug and alcohol problems. Drummer Sally and guitar player Faith are lesbian lovers whose relationship is shaken up by the arrival of Sally’s ex-con brother “Animal”. Animal also starts to fall for Jacki. However, the band finally finds themselves on the verge of a record deal, but will their personal problems keep their dreams from becoming a reality?

“Prey For Rock & Roll” is rated R for language, sexual content, drug use and brief violence.

The Movie:
This movie did absolutely nothing for me. I thought the music was bland and boring. The plot never once engaged me. I didn’t find it entertaining to watch these women destroy their lives living by the philosophy of “sex, drugs, and rock and roll”. The dialogue was also terrible. All in all, I thought this movie was a awful waste of time.

Looking on the bright side, I thought Gena Gershon was well cast in her role. She fit the character well as a tough, pretty woman on the verge of middle age and watching her dreams of stardom slip away. She portrays the hopelessness and frustration of her character well. Gershon also impresses as the lead singer of the band. She did all of the vocals herself.

Looking at the review blurbs on the front cover of the DVD, it appears some people thought this was a great film. While I certainly wasn’t one of them, I imagine people who are aspiring rock artists will get a kick out of it. Everyone else should approach it with caution since it is a dark tale.

The Extras:
Commentary by director Alex Steyermark – I found this commentary to be particularly boring. Steyermark spends most of his time discussing the mechanics of making the movie and very little time on the story, acting, or other aspects. He talks about his favorite sets, how shots were set up, etc. but that’s about it. He also is a bit monotone, so it makes it hard to stay awake during it.

The Bottom Line:
If you pass on viewing “Prey For Rock & Roll”, you won’t be missing much.