COPS – Bad Girls/Shots Fired/Caught in the Act


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Rating: Not Rated

The Men And Women on Law Enforcement as Themselves

Special Features:
“Too Hot For TV” Bonus Footage

Other Info:
Running Time: 50 Minutes Each

The long running series COPS now appears on DVD. In this TV series, camera crews follow around real law enforcement officials while they are on patrol. Get a firsthand look as they deal with the dregs of society.

Three new DVDs are included in this release. The first is “Caught In The Act”. On this DVD, you see the cops come up on suspects as they are in the middle of committing crimes. These include high speed chases, drug busts, street racers, and more. The second DVD is “Shots Fired”. This features episodes where someone gets shot and it’s usually the suspect. The third and final DVD is “Bad Girls”. On this one you’ll see skanks, hookers, and generally nasty women being busted for all sorts of crimes.

These DVDs also include 5 to 10 minutes of “bonus footage” that is unedited. They include rednecks cussing out cops and women flashing their breasts and other body parts during Mardi Gras and a biker festival.

These COPS DVD’s are not rated, but they are worthy of R to NC-17 ratings due to language, nudity, and other nastiness in the extras.

The Movie:
Chances are you’ve probably seen COPS on TV. The show has been on since 1989 and was one of the earliest “reality shows” on the tube. For some reason, we love to watch people get busted by police. It holds some sort of morbid fascination for us. It’s like driving by an accident and slowing down to see what happened. COPS shows us all the drama of a police arrest without us having to get thrown behind bars. And if any show ever made you believe that there’s little hope for the intelligence of mankind, this is it. COPS parades an incredible assortment of freaks, psychopaths, and losers the likes of which you’d rarely see outside of Jerry Springer. Combine all this together and you have television that will cause any channel surfer to pause.

This set of COPS DVD’s consists of three different titles – Bad Girls, Shots Fired, and Caught in the Act. Each DVD features about six “incidents” or “suspects”. As already mentioned, all of them follow a certain theme. I found “Shots Fired” to be the most interesting simply because of the drama it shows. One guy with a knife faces off with a dozen cops and gets shot. Another sequence shows a suicidal boyfriend who cops stop just before he shoots himself in the head. He shoots himself accidentally in the stomach instead, so no Darwin Award for him. But the sheer intensity of the scenes is what makes them interesting.

If you’re in the mood for a parade of rednecks and white trash, “Bad Girls” is the DVD for you. Meanwhile, “Caught In The Act” shows the cops catching stupid criminals. Some drag racers take off the line right as a patrol car sits behind them. Not exactly the Fast and the Furious. Another sequence shows the cops stumbling on a drug house full of marijuana.

In short, if you find yourself fascinated by the COPS TV show, you’ll probably enjoy the DVD.

The Extras:
Each DVD features a bonus footage segment that is about 5 or 10 minutes long. Quite frankly, it looks more like a Girls Gone Wild video than COPS footage. It shows a ton of chicks, some with hairy armpits, flashing their boobs at the whooping and hollering male boobs in the crowd. This is at both Mardi Gras and some biker rally. Also shown are drunken or drugged rednecks with missing teeth cussing out the police.

On TV, all the footage and language is edited. That’s not the case in this bonus footage. Regular viewers will probably be shocked at what is shown. I mean, a drugged out hooker is shown flashing the camera for a long time with her nether regions. The footage borders on the NC-17 level and may really bug regular COPS fans who are used to edited footage. Meanwhile, horny males expecting to be titillated may find the other boob flashing footage too tame for their tastes or too disgusting due to hairy armpits. I don;t see this “too hot for TV” bonus footage pleasing too many people.

The Bottom Line:
Anybody that’s a fan of COPS will enjoy these three DVD’s, but the bonus footage is definitely something children shouldn’t be watching.