The Office: Season Three


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Rating: Not Rated

Steve Carell as Michael Scott
Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute
John Krasinski as Jim Halpert
Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly
B.J. Novak as Ryan Howard
Brian Baumgartner as Kevin Malone
Angela Kinsey as Angela Martin
Phyllis Smith as Phyllis Lapin
Kate Flannery as Meredith Palmer
Leslie David Baker as Stanley Hudson
Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor
Paul Lieberstein as Toby Flenderson
Creed Bratton as Creed
Oscar Nuñez as Oscar Martinez
Melora Hardin as Jan Levinson
David Denman as Roy Anderson
Rashida Jones as Karen Filippelli

Special Features:
Deleted Scenes
Episode Commentaries
Excerpts from the 2006 NBC Primetime Preview Hosted by the Cast of The Office
Toby Wraparounds
Dwight Schrute Music Video
Joss Whedon Interview
Videos from The Office “Make Your Own Promo” Contest
Blooper Reel
“Lazy Scranton” Video
Excerpt from the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
Kevin Cooks Stuff in the Office

Other Info:
Widescreen (1.78:1)
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Running Time: 9 Hours 34 Minute

The following is from the DVD cover:

“Fill your Inbox with hilarious moments from ‘The Office: Season Three’ in this four-disc collection that’s crammed with extensive bonus features and all 22 episodes of the 2006 Primetime Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Comedy Series! Steve Carell is back in his Golden Globe-winning role as earnest but clueless boss Michael Scott, who can’t help but contribute his own irreverent commentary to the daily happenings at the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin paper company. As the staff deals with potential office closures, mergers, romances, and advancement, Michael’s always there to say all the wrong things at all the right times. Including five supersized episodes and over three hours of deleted scenes, ‘The Office: Season Three’ is packed with classic moments from the show that Time magazine praises for “satirizing the culture of coffee, cubicles and Chili’s with heart and laser precision.””

“The Office: Season 3” is not rated.

“The Office” is one of the few shows that I go out of my way to watch regularly. I got hooked when reviewing the first season DVD and have watched almost every episode since. Actually, the DVR missed recording a couple of episodes this season, so I finally had an opportunity to catch up and watch them on DVD.

If you’re already a Dunderhead then you know this is a DVD well worth adding to your collection. If you haven’t seen “The Office,” here are a few reasons to check it out:

– Dwight & Michael – These two are destined to become one of TV’s classic comedy duos. Dwight’s creepiness, weirdness, and militant drive to succeed is perfectly paired with Michael’s lame attempts at comedy, his desire to be loved, and his ability to put his foot in his mouth on a regular basis. While these are two characters that could easily be hated for the dumb things they do, their stupidity is equally balanced with brief moments where they show loyalty, compassion, and caring for their co-workers. In short, they’re human.

– Pam & Jim – With all the comedy going on, there’s an equally entertaining romance that goes on between Pam and Jim. This, too, is destined to become one of TV’s classic romances. And somehow they’ve managed to drag it out for three seasons and still make you want to tune in each week for more. There’s only so long they can tease audiences, but so far they continue to be successful. I think it’s appealing because all the characters are likable, realistic, and imperfect. Pam and Jim are probably people you’d want to hang out with in real life and you cheer them on to get together.

– The Stamford Office – At the beginning of this season, the Stamford office and its colorful cast of characters were introduced. The writers proved yet again that they could create a whole new set of unique characters and then seamlessly merge them with the established supporting cast. Unlike the “Tailies” on Lost, not all of these characters were killed off when they outlived their usefulness and some of them remain my favorite characters at the end of this season.

– The Supporting Cast – Few shows on TV these days have such a strong supporting cast. I think you could take literally any member of the cast from this show and have an entire episode with nothing but them. They’re all unique and lovable and offer a lot of laughs.

If you’ve never seen “The Office,” I suggest you start at Season One and rush through them to catch up with Season 4. It’s one of the best series on TV and I’d say it’s the best comedy currently on the air. And fans of Joss Whedon and Harold Ramis will want to be sure to check out episodes directed by them.

The DVD offers up a lot of great bonus features. There are a ton of episode commentaries featuring all the cast and crew. And there are an amazing number of deleted scenes. Each episode seems to have 10 to 15 minutes of these. It’s like having a bunch of new episodes. Also included are an absolutely hilarious gag reel and several bits of footage from the Emmy Awards (with Conan O’Brien). Dwight and Michael’s hilariously awful “Lazy Scranton” video is also here in its entirety as well as an interview with guest director Joss Whedon. There are a number of other bonus features here that will keep you busy for hours and hours. This will certainly please Office fans a lot.