Air Bud Spkes Back


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Rating: G

Katija Pevec as Andrea Framm
Jake D. Smith as Noah Framm
Tyler Boissonnault as Connor
Edie McClurg as Grandma
Cynthia Stevenson as Jackie
Alf Humphreys as Patrick
Robert Tinkler as Doug
Malcolm Scott as Gordon
C. Ernst Harth as Phil
Patrick Cranshaw as Sheriff Bob
Chantal Strand as Tammy
Ellen Kennedy as Tammy’s Mom
Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Mrs. Miller
Nancy Robertson as Principal Pickle
Doug Funk as Mailman

Special Features:
Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
Set-Top Game

Other Info:
Fullscreen (1.33:1)
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Running Time: 87 Minutes

This is the fifth film in the Air Bud series.

When Andrea’s best friend moves to California, she is determined to earn money to fly out and visit her. Andrea and her little brother start a dogsitting business to earn the cash. She also gets some help from her new next-door neighbor Connor. Connor also gets Andrea hooked on beach volleyball. She isn’t very good at it at first, but she eventually becomes a pro. When they are short a player in a league tournament, Andrea brings in Buddy to play. He not only proves to be very good at volleyball, but he helps them win the championship as well.

Little do they know, but Buddy has also attracted the attention of two incompetent jewel thieves. They want the well-trained Buddy to help them sneak through a security system and steal a rare jewel.

Unfortunately, Buddy is bitten by a bat and becomes rabid. After ripping the throats out of the thieves, he proceeds to go on a bloody rampage through the quiet town. Will Andrea find the courage to kill her former lovable pooch? (OK, I made that last part up. Sorry Air Bud fans!)

Air Bud Spikes Back is rated G.

The Movie:
I’ve never seen any of the Air Bud movies, so I can’t comment on how this one compares to the others. But a straight to video release generally means it’s a stinker. That rule of thumb holds true here, too. Air Bud Spikes Back was incredibly boring. Even my 1 year old and 4 year old left the room bored of it. The plot is stupid. The actors are wooden and have no personality (especially the little brother). The movie is more about the little girl Andrea than it is about the dog.

While some of the dog tricks are rather cute, silly unrealistic gags often interrupt them. For example, we see Buddy setting the ball for another player to spike. That looks good. Then a second later we see fake dog legs fly up and block a spike over the net from an opposing player. That looked dumb. The DVD also says that Gabrielle Reese is featured in the movie. In reality, she’s in the last 2 minutes of the film.

There were only two redeeming things in the film. Katija Pevec is good as Andrea Framm. She’s cute and has some good moments in the movie. Maybe we’ll see her grow up into a better actress with better material. Second, the music by Brahm Wenger is pretty good. It helps raise the quality of the movie.

In the end, this movie’s only for children and even then they may get bored quickly.

The Extras:
This DVD has a minimum number of extras:

Behind-The-Scenes Featurette – This 5 minute video talks with most of the cast. They gush about working with Buddy and discuss why they joined the movie (nobody mentions the paycheck). There’s some behind the scenes footage showing the dogs being trained. Gabrielle Reese also gets some screentime in this video.

Outtakes – This blooper reel shows some funny moments where the cast flubs their lines, the parrot flies to the wrong spot, and the dog messes up. They’re funny, but it’s rather short.

The Bottom Line:

I think this movie is only for fans of the other Air Bud movies. It will bore everyone else.