Willem Dafoe as Axel Heyst
Sam Neill as Mr. Jones
Irène Jacob as Alma
Rufus Sewell as Martin
Jean Yanne as Mr. Schomberg
Ho Yi as Wang
Bill Paterson as Capt. Davidson
Irm Hermann as Mrs. Schomberg
Simon Callow as San Giacomo

Special Features:

Other Info:
Widescreen (2:35:1) – Enhanced For 16×9 Televisions
Running Time: 99 Mins.
Dolby Digital Surround Sound

This movie was originally released in 1995.

In the Dutch East Indies in 1913, Axel Heyst lives alone on a small island. The reclusive owner of a failed coalmine, he lives as a hermit away from society. One day he catches a ride on a passing boat. He must go to a nearby port to pick up his deceased father’s belongings. While at the hotel, he meets Alma. She’s part of a traveling women’s orchestra. Unfortunately, only after joining did she realize that the women were mostly prostitutes. Alma is essentially a white slave. The sinister owner of the hotel is determined to buy her as well.

Alma begs Heyst to save her. Reluctantly, he agrees to smuggle her away to his island. Once there, they begin to fall in love.

Meanwhile the vengeful hotel owner meets up with a band of ruthless bandits. Looking to get them out of his own hair, he tells them that Heyst has a hidden fortune on his island. The gang then seeks out Heyst to rob him and kill him. Can he survive just as he begins to find new meaning in life through his love Alma?

“Victory” is rated R for some violence and sexuality.

The Movie:
This movie started pretty good. I found it entertaining, well acted, and well made. However, I found the movie had a lot of potential that it never lived up to.

Willem Dafoe plays the reclusive Heyst. He’s pretty flat and lifeless in this film, but he gets the job done. Irene Jacob plays the love interest Alma. Beautiful and mysterious, she’s pretty entertaining to watch. However, I never thought her character was fully developed. There were hints that she had a dark past, but that was never expanded upon. I also felt she was often used for nothing more than gratuitous nudity. Sam Neill plays the evil Dr. Jones. His character is rather laughable as the charter member of the He-Man Woman Haters Club. For some reason he goes absolutely nuts if he thinks there’s a woman nearby. This is never really explained. They hint he is homosexual, but it’s never clear why he has a psychopathic hatred for women.

“Victory” has a little romance, a little action, and a bit of drama. It’s an interesting period piece, but in the end “Victory” is a mildly entertaining film that is easily forgotten.

The Extras:
This DVD had no extras at all.

The Bottom Line:
“Victory” is more of a renter than a movie you’ll want to rush out and buy. You still may find it worth checking out.