Sorority Boys


Barry Watson as Dave
Michael Rosenbaum as Adam
Harland Williams as Doofer
Melissa Sagemiller as Leah
Tony Denman as Jimmy
Brad Beyer as Spence
Kathryn Stockwood as Patty
Heather Matarazzo as Katie
Yvonne SciĆ² as Frederique
Kerri Higuchi as Susie

Special Features:
“Boys Will Be Girls” Behind the Scenes Featurette
“All The Angles” Multi-Filmmaker Points of View

Other Info:
Widescreen (1.85:1) – Enhanced For 16×9 Televisions
Running Time: 94 Mins.
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Spanish Subtitles

Dave, Adam, and Doofer are your typical frat boys. All they are concerned with are women, drinking, and parties. They also derive a great deal of pleasure in harassing the local sorority that has the unfortunate name Delta Omega Gamma (D.O.G.). An upcoming annual party is all that stands between them and high paying jobs provided by rich alumni. However, when one of their fellow frat brothers sets them up to look like they stole money for the party, they are kicked out of the fraternity.

In order to get evidence to prove their innocence, they dress up as women and crash one of the frat parties. Through a series of unlikely events, they are thrown out of the party and taken in as new members of the D.O.G. sorority. Needing a place to stay until they clear their names, they continue the ruse. But as they spend more time with the girls of the D.O.G. sorority, they begin to become friends with them and realize the error of their ways. But even with getting in touch with their feminine side, can they still clear their names?

“Sorority Boys” is rated R for crude sexual content, nudity, strong language, and some drug use.

The Movie:
“Sorority Boys” is yet another raunchy college comedy in the spirit of Animal House. If you’re into these kinds of movies that get most of their laughs from sex, drugs, and bodily functions, then this is for you. If not, then stay away. While most of this movie was predictable and not that great, it did have a few genuinely funny moments. For example, a football game between the sororities ends up leaving the guys with much more pain than they bargained for. Doofer’s ability to easily settle into his female alter-ego also proves to be pretty funny.

Fans of Smallville will recognize Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) from the show (now with hair). Out of the three main characters in Soroity Boys, he’s the most fun to watch. This is mainly because his character has the hardest time as a woman and he makes the biggest transformation from male chauvinist to sensitive male. Barry Watson proves himself up to the challenge as both a comedian and a leading man. Harland Williams as Doofer generally acts stoned, so there’s not a lot to say about his character (other than he makes the ugliest woman of the three).

This isn’t my kind of movie, but I expect it to be a cult classic at college parties if it doesn’t fade into oblivion.

The Extras:
For a movie of this caliber, it has one really interesting extra on the DVD. The “All The Angles” feature is pretty cool. One day on the set they put cameras on the director, assistant director, producer, etc and recorded them all as they filmed a scene. As the scene is played out, you can switch the camera views to go between all the various crew. It allows you to see the roles of everyone behind the scenes and get a sneak peek at what goes on when the main cameras aren’t rolling. It’s a great feature that I’d love to see employed on other movies besides this one.

The other video shows the guys being made up into women. It looks like a rather painful process. The video concludes showing the photo shoot for the main movie poster. It ends up being a bizarre and fun little segment, though short.

The Bottom Line:
This is simply a dumb guy movie. I wouldn’t recommend adding it to your collection. Renting it may be a risky proposition, so be warned.