The Mummy: Quest for the Lost Scrolls


Jim Cummings as Imhotep
Grey DeLisle as Evy O’Connell
Nicholas Guest as Ardeth Bey
Tom Kenny as Jonathan
Chris Marquette as Alex O’Connell
Michael Reisz as Colin Weasler
John Schneider as Rick O’Connell

Special Features:
Trivia Challenge (Plus Bonus Episode)
Character Files
The Mummy: Secrets of the Medji “A New Beginning” Trailer
The Mummy Game Boy Advance Trailer
Monster Force Game Trailer
“The Mummy” Kids WB! Top Toons Tune

Other Info:
English, French, and Spanish Languages
1.33:1 Full Frame
Running Time: 1 Hr. 5 Mins.
Dolby Digital
2.0 Stereo
Captions Subtitles

This DVD is three episodes of the Mummy Animated TV series put together into a feature length film. It is loosely based on The Mummy and The Mummy Returns movies.

Alex O’Connell travels with his parents, Rick and Evy, on an archeological expedition in Egypt. While excavating the ancient city of Hamunaptra, Alex discovers a bracelet. When he puts it on, it magically comes to life and attaches itself to his arm permanently. It also posses magical powers that Alex can summon forth. The only way to remove it is to recite a spell from the Scroll of Thebes. The problem is that it has been lost for ages. The only way to find it is to use the bracelet to find puzzle pieces that lead to the scroll.

Meanwhile, a disgruntled co-worker of Evy’s from the museum arrives on the excavation site. He brings with him the Book of the Dead and begins to recite a spell to resurrect the mummy Imhotep. He is successful and Imhotep begins to seek out the bracelet. He needs it in order to recover the Scroll of Thebes and take over the world.

Thus starts a race across the globe between the O’Connells and Imhotep to be the first to find the scroll. Along the way they must face mystical creatures, more mummies, and the horrifying power of Imhotep. It’s up to Alex to learn how to master the power of the bracelet to save them.

This DVD is not rated.

The Movie:
If you’re a fan of the Mummy movies and you’re interested in this DVD, you might be disappointed. This cartoon series pretty much scraps the story from the movies and starts from scratch. While the characters and situations are similar, there’s a lot that’s different. None of the characters look like their movie counterparts. Alex is an American kid rather than a Brit. Evy and Rick are already married and have a kid before Imhotep is ever resurrected. There are numerous other changes besides this. The changes may have been necessary for legal reasons as well as for the setup of a series, but it may turn off Mummy fans that buy this DVD out of an interest in the films.

As previously mentioned, this DVD consists of three episodes of the cartoon TV series spliced together into one long movie. For the most part, the splicing is rather seamless. However, between the first and second episodes there seemed to be a major jump where the story skipped. Sure enough, there were multiple episodes there that were left out of this presentation. They don’t add anything to the Lost Scrolls storyline, so you won’t miss them.

The animation is fairly good for a Saturday morning cartoon. The stories are not spectacular, but entertaining enough to keep a kid engrossed. They are full of plenty of plot holes and inconsistencies. However, if your kid wants to see The Mummy, this may be a safe alternative to the films. Bo Duke himself, John Schnieder, voices Rick O’Connell while cartoon voice superhuman Jim Cummings provides dialogue for Imhotep.

The Extras:
There aren’t many extras on this DVD. However, if you answer several trivia questions correctly, you’re rewarded with a bonus episode from the TV series. This is actually one of the episodes left out that took place between the first and second episode on the DVD. It’s kind of a nice little Easter egg for kids. The Top Toons Tune features an amusing musical parody on The Mummy. It shows the various creatures and characters from the cartoon series singing and dancing. The Egyptology feature, while just a bunch of text, was kind of interesting, too. It talks about the real Imhotep from Egyptian history. Kids might gloss over it, but it’s interesting for adults.

The Bottom Line:
This one is more for the kids than the adults. Don’t pick it up expecting to see The Rock and Brendan Fraser or much resembling the original film.