Billy Zane as Os
Byron Mann as Michael Fu
Stacy Oversier as Serena Blue
Tory Kittles as Ray Jackson
Dominic Purcell as Keith Grady
David Field as Slate
Michelle Comerford as White Warrior
Simone McAullay as Mrs. Harrison
Linal Haft as Howard Lancaster
Myles Pollard as Paul Beck
Barry Otto as Professor
George Cheung as Tojo Sakamura
David No as Shadowman #1

Special Features:

Other Info:
Full Screen (1.78:1)
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Running Time: 91 Minutes
Spanish Language Track

This was originally a TV movie that aired in 2001.

A group of evil angels have been banished to Earth. They include the evil spirit known as Os, the Shadowmen, and the evil leader angel known as Slate. Slate and Os have been roaming the earth in immortal human form looking for a magical tablet that can lead them home. The only problem is that in order to get home, they have to destroy the Earth. Os is totally on board for the plan until the good angel known as the White Warrior shows him the error of his ways. By touching him with a taste of love and light, he is set on the straight and narrow.

When Slate discovers the tablet, Os is called upon to stop him. He rallies four warriors destined to save the earth. Michael Fu, Serena Blue, Ray Jackson, and Keith Grady are summoned from their daily jobs as “protectors” to come battle Slate and his Shadowmen. But can they work together to defeat the enemy?

“Invincible” is rated PG-13 for some action violence.

The Movie:
When I saw Mel Gibson and Jet Li produced this film, I really believed it had potential. After all, these guys wouldn’t put their names on just any crap, would they? However, then I saw it was originally a TBS Superstation movie from a couple of years ago. My expectations were lowered a little. Then I actually watched the film. I couldn’t believe what a horribly bad movie it was. Where to start?

The movie opens up by throwing so much nonsense backstory at you that you have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Billy Zane starts narrating and none of it makes much sense. There’s something about him being immortal, a threat that can destroy the world, and other babble. Just as you’re puzzling that through, he begins having a swordfight with some character that isn’t explained and never shows up in the movie again. Zane’s character turns from a bad guy to a good guy, shaves his head, then starts rounding up a bunch of B-movie clowns to save the world. After they are rounded up, Zane starts acting like a 3rd rate Yoda and begins repeatedly spouting phrases like how they’re destined to save the world, how they must work together, and how it’s such a burden. He does this rather smugly while sometimes inexplicably riding a bicycle, lounging in a chair, or eating an apple.

The bad guys are not intimidating at all and the fight scenes suck. One awful fight in a nightclub has Zane and the main bad guy throwing things at each other and causing people to hover in the air while the patrons continue to dance and look on with bemused smiles. HmmmmÂ….mace gets sprayed in a nightclub and dozens of people are trampled. Two guys fight kung fu in a club, throw CD’s at each other, float a girl to the wall to impale her on a spike, and everyone keeps dancing and laughing. That ain’t right. The bad guy also throws CDs at Zane’s character to try and kill him. Not terribly menacing.

I could gripe more, but I must confess that I became so sick of this movie that I watched the rest of it in fast forward. There’s nothing redeeming about it at all. The DVD cover touts the involvement of Gibson and Li, “Matrix-like martial arts”, and more. Don’t fall for the hype. This one isn’t worth the trouble.

The Extras:
There are no extras on this DVD.

The Bottom Line:
If anyone recommends this movie to you, nod your head to them, walk backwards slowly out of the room, then run screaming as far and as fast as your legs can take you. You’ve been warned.