Blue Collar Comedy Tour – The Movie


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Rating: PG-13

Jeff Foxworthy
Bill Engvall
Ron White
Larry The Cable Guy
David Alan Grier as The Manager
Heidi Klum as Victoria’s Secret Salesperson

Special Features:
Cast and Crew Biographies

Other Info:
Spanish, English, and French Subtitles
Running Time: 106 Minutes

If you watch this movie, you might be a redneck.

This movie follows comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Larry The Cable Guy as they perform at the Blue Collar Comedy Tour in Phoenix, Arizona. Each comedian gets up and does their act, all of which are based on fishing, family, and redneck jokes.

Between each performance, the guys are shown hanging out around town acting silly. They go to a mall and fool around at Victoria’s Secret and Spencer Gifts. They go to a health spa and a Waffle House. They also visit the redneck Mecca “Bass Pro Shop”.

“Blue Collar Comedy Tour – The Movie” is rated PG-13 for some crude and sex-related humor.

The Movie:
I must admit, redneck jokes are one of my guilty pleasures. Being from Texas, I get an extra enjoyment from them since I have frequent redneck encounters. Most of the jokes are pretty dead on. That being said, Jeff Foxworthy’s routine about rednecks is the centerpiece of the movie. Pretty much all of his jokes are clean and they still manage to be funny. Foxworthy talks about amusing things like how leaf blowers are banned from airplanes in the Atlanta airport (?), how he lives with 9 little girls between his own kids and his brothers, and he tells the true story of how a man got his nipple bitten off by a beaver. It’s pretty funny and you just have to hear it for yourself.

The other guys are pretty funny as well. Ron White, who seems to be surviving solely on cigarettes and alcohol, has some funny stories about flying (and crashing) and the Texas death penalty. Bill Engvall’s routine focuses on his teenage daughters and their driving. Larry The Cable Guy, the most redneck of the lot, mainly spends time on sex jokes and gross out humor. It’s still funny, though. The routines are concluded by the guys sitting around telling amusing stories. The four compliment each other well and seem to genuinely be having fun. Foxworthy finished things off with a new set of “You Might Be A Redneck” jokes.

The concert portion of the movie is broken up with bits filmed in and around Phoenix. Larry buys a farting machine at the mall and starts playing jokes on unsuspecting customers. He also pretends to go into a Victoria’s Secret to buy a gift for his mom. Heidi Klum plays the saleswoman in an unusual but funny cameo. Foxworthy is also shown at the Bass Pro Shop clowning around wearing camouflage.

One bizarre portion of the movie occurs at the beginning as David Alan Grier pretends to be the manager of the guys. He also goes out and interviews fans outside the concert about their favorite redneck jokes. His brief appearance is rather inexplicable, but he’s soon gone (and uncredited).

Overall, this DVD is good for a few laughs. Fans of redneck jokes will get additional amusement from it.

The Extras:
There aren’t really any extras to speak of on this DVD. I found it interesting, though, that director CB Harding also directed the second season of The Osbournes.

The Bottom Line:
If you like Foxworthy’s “You Might Be A Redneck” jokes, then this is a DVD to check out. It would make a good renter at the very least.