Animaniacs: Volume 3


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Rating: Unrated

Tress MacNeille as Dot Warner
Rob Paulsen as Dr. Otto Scratchensniff
Jess Harnell as Wakko Warner
Frank Welker as Thaddeus Plotz
Maurice LaMarche as Brain
Jeff Bennett as Baloney
Sherri Stoner as Slappy
Bernadette Peters as Rita

Special Features:
They Can’t Help It If They’re Cute, They’re Just Drawn That Way – Meet the Character Designers, Storyboard Artists and Art Directors who gave life and lunacy to Wakko, Yakko, and Dot
They’re Totally Insane-y In Cadence with Richard Stone – The music of Animaniacs, highlighted by a Tribute to the Late Composer

Other Info:
Fullscreen (1.33:1)
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Running Time: 750 Minutes

The following is from the DVD cover:

“Dot, Yakko, Wakko…uh-oh! Those rambunctious rascals of riot, those slaphappy siblings of silliness, those Warner wild-things of wackiness, those – well, you get the idea – are back (and they’re bringing pals like Slappy the Squirrel with them) as they roar through 25 new-on-DVD episodes like someone poured habaƱero hot sauce on their brains. Back, too, is Animaniacs’ ready-fire-aim sense of comedy. In Volume 3’s 5 discs, you’ll find literary lampoons, political jabs, cultural send-ups, movie parodies, zany songs and much more- all on target (and dead-on funny). Watch. Laugh out loud. Sing along if you must. Just don’t blame us if the neighbors come knocking.”

“Animaniacs: Volume 3” is not rated.

“Animaniacs” is a true cartoon classic in every respect. It features great physical humor as well as more subtle humor. They poke fun at Hollywood while also featuring more timeless comedy. The musical numbers in the series were memorable as well. “Animaniacs” also featured a variety of other characters like Slappy the Squirrel, Buttons and Mindy, Rita, and many others characters. Overall, it’s a fantastic series that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Since this is the third DVD volume, the bonus features delve a little more deeply into the production of the series. First up is “They Can’t Help It If They’re Cute, They’re Just Drawn That Way”. This featurette delves into the creation of the characters, the design of the characters, and other key steps in the creation of the series. They throw out all sorts of trivia about the series. Fans should really enjoy it. Next up “They’re Totally Insane-y In Cadence with Richard Stone”. This features the late composer from the series. They talk in depth about the music from the show and it certainly gives you a greater appreciation for the music in the episodes.