Kitchen Confidential: The Complete Series


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Rating: TV-14

Bradley Cooper as Jack Bourdain
Nicholas Brendon as Seth Richman
John Francis Daley as Jim
Jaime King as Tanya
Bonnie Somerville as Mimi
Owain Yeoman as Steven Daedelus
Sam Pancake as Cameron
Frank Alvarez as Ramon
John Cho as Teddy Wong
Erinn Hayes as Becky Sharp
Frank Langella as Pino

Special Features:
Audio Commentary with Karine Rosenthal, Dave Hemingson, Bradley Cooper and Dean Lopata
Tour of the Nolita Restaurant Featurette
A Recipe for Comedy Featurette
Kitchen Confidential Trailer

Other Info:
Fullscreen (1.33:1)
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Spanish and French Subtitles
Running Time: 325 Minutes

The following is from the official DVD description:

“Jack Bourdain is a talented chef whose party lifestyle has effectively ended his career: too much wine, women and song has made Jack a has-been. But when he’s given a second chance and just 48 hours to open an upscale restaurant, Jack assembles a sexy, hilariously dysfunctional staff and things really start cooking, both in the kitchen and the bedroom!”

“Kitchen Confidential: The Complete Series” is rated TV-14.

If I had to describe “Kitchen Confidential,” it would be ‘Scrubs in a Kitchen’. Both series have an eccentric cast, a wacky sense of humor, and a surreal portrayal of the real world. However, while “Scrubs” has been on the air for six seasons already, “Kitchen Confidential” lasted several episodes before the plug was pulled on it by Fox.

The show had as much promise as any other comedy Fox has aired recently. It has some funny situations, a strong cast, and a good premise. The show wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t bad either. Bradley Cooper stands out as Jack Bourdain. He’s a strong lead for the cast and handles the comedy well. It’s a little weird seeing Jaime King go from the big screen to playing a ditz in this series.

I think if you like “Hell’s Kitchen” or “Scrubs,” you’ll probably enjoy “Kitchen Confidential.”

Considering the short life of the TV series, the DVD does contain a decent list of bonus features. You’ll find Audio Commentary with Karine Rosenthal, Dave Hemingson, Bradley Cooper and Dean Lopata. “Tour of the Nolita Restaurant” gives you a look at the kitchen set. “A Recipe for Comedy” is a retrospective that reassembles the cast of the show well after the series was cancelled. Since the show is already over, they’re fairly candid about the experience. In fact, one of the actresses never even had an episode air in which she appeared in. Still they’re all pretty positive about the experience.