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Rating: PG-13

Marc Blucas as Kevin Parson
Justine Waddell as Jennifer Peters
Laura Jordan as Samantha
Max Ryan as Milton
Bill Moseley as Slater
Sherman Augustus as Detective Bill
Priscilla Barnes as Belinda Parson
Tom Bower as Uncle Eugene Parson
Philip Dunbar as Doctor Francis
Jeffrey Lee Hollis as Bob Parson
Kevin Downes as Henry
Jack Ryan as Tall Boy/Young Shadowman/Slater
Bruno Jasienski as Young Kevin Parson
Allana Bale as Young Samantha

Special Features:
“Thr3e” Full Screen
“Thr3e” Widescreen
“Thr3e” Theatrical trailer

Other Info:
Widescreen and Fullscreen
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Running Time: 101 Minutes

The following is from the DVD cover:

“Some sins were never meant to be discovered.

From the highly acclaimed book by best-selling author Ted Decker, this taut and electrifying thriller about a young seminary student targeted by an elusive and deadly madman delivers heart-pounding twists that’ll keep you guessing up until the shocking final scene!
Upon completing his graduate thesis, Kevin Parson is forces to face his own dark past when he is targeted by the psychopathic Riddle Killer. Following a terrifying encounter, in which he is given seconds to “confess his sin” before his car is blown sky-high, Kevin meets up with a criminal psychologist whose brother was killed in a similarly explosive confrontation. Together they must solve Kevin’s mystifying riddle and uncover his connection to the murderer before he strikes again. But the closer they get, the more twisted the path becomes!”

“Thr3e” is rated PG-13 for violence, disturbing images and terror.

The Movie:
“Thr3e” was extremely painful to watch. It was as bad as any B-movie that I’ve ever seen. The acting was wooden and terrible, the plot had huge inconsistencies, and it followed just about every serial killer cliché in the book. I can’t delve into many of the plot problems without revealing major spoilers to the story, but I can say that if you go back and subject yourself to another viewing after you’ve learned the major plot twist, you’ll see this movie simply doesn’t make any sense.

As already mentioned, the acting is really, really bad. A prime example of this is Priscilla Barnes as Belinda Parson. I really loved Barnes from her “Three’s Company” days, but this movie does nothing for her. She’s reduced to an overacting diva and as you watch her, you start to wonder if “Thr3e” is a parody or a drama.

This film is touted as being a “Christian film” distributed by Fox Faith. While I think it’s great that they are catering to Christian audiences, it’s sad that the quality just isn’t here. And this film has little to do with Christianity beyond there being a priest and the killer quoting Bible verses. It’s just as violent as any TV crime drama, just without the blood, sex, or language.

The Extras:
There are no bonus features on this DVD beyond getting both the widescreen and fullscreen versions on the same disc.

The Bottom Line:
I would only recommend this to fans of the original Ted Decker book. Everyone else will definitely want to pass on it.