Beauty and the Beast: The Complete First Season


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Rating: Not Rated

Linda Hamilton as Asst. Dist. Atty. Catherine Chandler
Ron Perlman as Vincent
Armin Shimerman as Pascal
Edward Albert as Elliot Burch
Beah Richards as Narcissa
John McMartin as Charles Chandler
Terrylene as Laura
Roy Dotrice as Father
Kamie Harper as Ellie
Robert Pastorelli as Tony Perotta
Joshua Rudoy as Eric
Delroy Lindo as Issac Stubbs
Jay Acovone as Deputy D.A. Joe Maxwell
James Avery as Winslow

Special Features:

Other Info:
English Dolby Digital Mono Sound
Running Time: 1066 Minutes

The following is from the DVD cover:

“Once upon a timeĀ….is now. The First Season of ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ one of the most romantic shows ever on television, finally debuts on DVD in a glorious 6-disc set. This DVD of the Emmy Award-winning fantasy-crime drama series includes all 22 exciting first-season episodes, which feature the adventures and romance between Vincent (Ron Perlman), a mythic, nobleman-beast, and Catherine (Linda Hamilton) a saavy assistant D.A. in New York. From the moment these two cross paths, they share a strong psychic bond, and though they live in separate worlds, their love continues to grow without measure.”

“Beauty and the Beast: The Complete First Season” is not rated.

I used to watch “Beauty and the Beast” when it first aired on TV back in the ’80s. I liked how Vincent was a mysterious monster. I liked the fairy tale realm under modern New York City. And of course I liked Linda Hamilton. I was quite frankly shocked that the cult series hadn’t been on DVD before now. Watching it again after almost 20 years definitely gave me a new perspective about it. I was surprised at how hokey and sappy it was at times. I was also amazed at how much the pacing of the show could grind to a halt as characters had long, dramatic speeches. But there are a lot of things about the show that are noteworthy even today. Vincent’s make-up still looks really good. Some of the sets and dramatic backgrounds for the show look like they’re from a major motion picture. And the whole fairy tale / fantasy theme of the show is unique even among shows today. It’s amazing that “Beauty and the Beast” did as well as it did in the ’80s. It was a show ahead of its time.

As excited as fans may be to get their hands on the complete first season, they may be disappointed to discover that there aren’t any bonus features on this set. That’s surprising since both Hamilton and Perlman are both still very active in the entertainment industry. You’d think they could have been roped into doing some sort of retrospective.