Earth 2 – The Complete Series


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Rating: Not Rated

Debrah Farentino as Devon Adair
Clancy Brown as John H. Danziger
Antonio Sabato Jr. as Alonzo Solace
Jessica Steen as Dr. Julia Heller
John Gegenhuber as Morgan Martin
Rebecca Gayheart as Bess Martin
J. Madison Wright as True Danziger
Joey Zimmerman as Ulysses Adair
Sullivan Walker as Yale
Rockmond Dunbar as Baines
Walter Norman as Walman
Marcia Magus as L. Magus
Kirk Trutner as Cameron
Fredrick Lopez as Mazatl
Deneille Fisher as Denner
Tierre Turner as Zero
Tim Curry as Gaal
Terry O’Quinn as Reilly
Virginia Madsen as Alonzo Solace’s Dance Partner
Brian Steele as Terrian #1

Special Features:
Deleted & Extended Scenes

Blooper Reel Outtakes

Cleopatra 2525 Bonus Episode – “A Quest for Firepower”

Sliders Bonus Episode – “Rules of the Giants”

Other Info:
Fullscreen (1.33:1)
Dolby Digital 2.0 Sound
Spanish Subtitles
Running Time: 17 Hours 5 Minutes

Earth 2 originally aired on TV in 1994-1995. The following is from the DVD cover:

“Embark on the quest to find a new home planet for humanity in the year 2192 as the complete sci-fi epic Earth 2 lands on DVD for the first time ever! From the producers of Miami Vice and ER comes the thrilling story of Devon Adair (Debrah Farentino), who is struggling to find a healthy environment for her deathly ill son, Ulysses. Disregarding government orders, she puts together an expedition to found a new civilization on an Earth-like planet 22 light years in the future. But after their ship crash-lands on the wrong side of planet G889, the “colonists” quickly discover that their new home already has some very strange and hostile inhabitants. Catch DVD-exclusive bonus features and join stellar guest stars including Tim Curry, Virginia Madsen, Terry O’Quinn and more on all 21 groundbreaking episodes of the Emmy-winning series that critics cheered “soars to new sci-fi heights.””

Earth 2 – The Complete Series is not rated.

The Movie:
I watched the first few episodes of Earth 2 when they originally aired in 1994, but for whatever reason I never made it farther into the series and I never found out how it ended. I don’t remember why I didn’t see it, but the stars just didn’t align. It was a solid sci-fi series with an interesting storyline, but it simply wasn’t prime time material. Now, 10 years later, I get to see the whole thing on DVD.

The concept of the show is intriguing. It’s essentially Lost on another planet. You have a colorful cast of characters, strange aliens, lots of drama, and an ongoing mystery about the aliens inhabiting the planet. I think any fans of sci-fi would want to give the series a shot. My only gripe about the show is that it gets a little trippy at times as the local inhabitants communicate to our heroes through dreams. The episodes can also get very slow on occasion as the action is put aside for character development or exposition.

The cast is generally quite good. My personal favorite is Clancy Brown as John H. Danziger. I still can’t get over the fact that he’s Kurgan from Highlander. Debrah Farentino is also good as Devon Adair, the captain and devoted mother among the castaways. The series also marks early career highlights of Antonio Sabato Jr. as Alonzo Solace and Rebecca Gayheart as Bess Martin. Also look for cameos by Tim Curry as the marooned astronaut Gaal, Terry O’Quinn as Reilly, and Virginia Madsen as Alonzo Solace’s Dance Partner.

The Extras:
There aren’t that many extras. There are no commentaries or cast interviews, only a blooper reel and some deleted scenes.

The Bottom Line:
If you’re a fan of Star Trek, Lost, or sci-fi in general, you’ll want to check out Earth 2 – The Complete Series.