May 30, 2017: Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD This Week


May 30, 2017: Here's what's hitting Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD this week.

May 30, 2017: Here’s what’s hitting Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD this week

Recent big-screen releases coming to Blu-ray and DVD this week include the YA adaptation Before I Fall (starring Zoey Deutch), the action thriller Collide (starring Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones), the R-rated comedy Fist Fight (starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day) and the faith-based drama The Shack (starring Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer).

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Younger audiences should be able to look forward to the animated feature Strawberry Shortcake: Dance Berry Dance.

When it comes to horror titles, May 30 brings home writer and director Oz Perkins’s 2015 feature The Blackcoat’s Daughter, starring Emma Roberts and Kiernan Shipka. Arrow Films, meanwhile, delivers a special edition of the 1995 slasher Evil Ed.

The Criterion Collection this week brings to Blu-ray Terry Zwigoff’s 2001 Daniel Clowes adaptation Ghost World and also issues a second box set in their Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project. This new collection includes Mário Peixoto’s Limite (1931), Lütfi Ö. Akad’s Law of the Border (1966), Lino Brocka’s Insiang (1976), Edward Yang’s Taipei Story (1985), Ermek Shinarbaev’s Revenge (1989), and Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Mysterious Object at Noon (2000).

Coming from the small screen this week is a new definitive version of the classic animated series Speed Racer. Also of historical significance is this week’s Decoy, a late 1950s police procedural starring Beverly Garland as often-undercover LAPD Officer Casey Jones. You’ll also find the complete Beauty and the Beast hits DVD this week, collecting all four seasons of the series starring Smallville‘s Kristin Kreuk, and the second season of the BBC’s The Last Kingdom.

Arriving via Digital HD on May 30 is director Gore Verbinski’s recent psychological thriller A Cure for Wellness and Chapter & Verse, a tale of redemption written by and starring Daniel Beaty. The science fiction thriller Life, meanwhile, is set to debut on Digital HD this Friday, June 2.

You can check out cover art for all the May 30, 2017 releases in the gallery viewer below alongside a listing of each release’s special features (where applicable).