Fahrenheit 9/11 Hits DVD October 5


Oscar-winner Michael Moore’s passionate, provocative and humorous documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, winner of the 2004 Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, will be released on video and DVD October 5 by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment. The DVD, which is packed with new scenes and bonus features, will carry a suggested retail price of $28.95.

Fahrenheit 9/11 – the first documentary in history to debut at the top of the theatrical charts with a $24 million opening weekend gross – has made a record-shattering over $115 million at the box-office to date making it the first documentary to ever hit this mark.

The DVD will be packed with insightful bonus features sure to add further understanding to the backdrop against which the film was made. Among these are:

  • A featurette: “The Release of Fahrenheit 9/11”
  • A montage of images: “The people of Iraq on the eve of invasion”
  • Deleted Scenes including “Homeland Security, “Miami Style,” and “Outside Abu Ghraib Prison”
  • An eyewitness account from Samara, Iraq
  • An extended interview with Abdul Henderson
  • Footage of Lila Lipscomb at the Washington DC premiere
  • Arab American comedians: Their acts and experiences after 9/11
  • Condoleezza Rice’s 9/11 Commission testimony
  • George W. Bush’s Rose Garden press briefing after his appearance before the 9/11 Commission

    The DVD can be pre-ordered at Amazon here.