Cheaper by the Dozen Gets Off to a Hot Start


Fox Home Entertainment’s Cheaper by the Dozen has sold nearly 3 million combined DVD and VHS units to consumers and rental stores during its first 24 hours in release. The first 24 hours of sales representing about 30%-40% of what the studio can expect to sell during a film’s cycle on home video.

Meanwhile, Fox’s TV-to-DVD release of In Living Color appears to be on track to perform as well or better than the studio’s 2003 top grossing television DVD product The Family Guy: Volume One.

The Matrix Revolutions also debuted on video Tuesday but Warner Bros.’ home entertainment typically refuses to discuss sales figures. Several national chains indicate that the latest “Matrix” is selling fewer units than The Matrix Reloaded did during its first 24 hours in release but more than the original “Matrix” sold during its first day on store shelves in the fall of 1999.

For the week ended April 4, Disney’s Brother Bear was the top-selling DVD and VHS, topping 5 million combined units sold through to consumers and rental stores during its first week on store shelves.

Sony’s Something’s Gotta Give was the nation’s top rental title during the same frame and was the nation’s second-best selling DVD. The comedy generated an estimated $13.38 million in gross rental revenue during its first five days in release on DVD and VHS.

New Line’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre debuted as the nation’s second-best-renting video for the same week, generating an estimated $11.63 million in gross rental revenue.