Universal Studios Tops the DVD & VHS Charts


Universal Studios’ home videos of Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat, 21 Grams and Schindler’s List all sold strong during the past two weeks.

“Cat in the Hat” has sold nearly 2 million combined DVD/VHS units of the 6 million units shipped to retailers and rental stores during its first 24 hours in release this week.

“Grams” has sold more than 150,000 of the nearly 700,000 combined DVD/VHS units shipped to retail and rental stores during its first 24 hours in release.

“List” was the nation’s No. 1 selling DVD and the No. 11 best-selling VHS title during its debut week ending March 14. The 1993 film is believed to have sold more than 1.5 million combined DVD/VHS units.

Sony’s debut of Mona Lisa Smile was the nation’s No. 1 best renting video for the week ending March 14, generating nearly $10 million in gross rental revenue during its first five days on rental shelves.

Paramount’s School of Rock continued to show strong rental activity last week, generating an estimated $8.39 million in weekly rental revenue for a 12-day haul of about $17 million. The film is believed to have sold more than 2 million DVD units since its release March 2.

Paramount’s Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star earned about $3 million last week for an estimated 26-day total of $20 million, about 90% of the total generated at domestic boxoffice.

20th Century Fox’s Runaway Jury generated an estimated $4.69 million in rentals last week for a 26-day total of nearly $30 million.