Finding Nemo on Its Way to Become Biggest Ever


Finding Nemo is well on its way to becoming the top-selling DVD ever, with consumers spending roughly $300 million buying and renting the Disney/Pixar movie on DVD and VHS during its first week in stores.

Consumers purchased 17 million copies of the movie (an estimated 13.5 million on DVD) during the week of Nov. 4-10, according to industry sources. They spent another $10.8 million renting the film on DVD and VHS. 8 million videos (6.4 million on DVD) were bought on the first day, with another 2 million on day two.

The movie is all but guaranteed to be the top-selling DVD of all time by early next week, surpassing Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment’s release of Spider-Man, which has sold an estimated 14 million DVDs since its release in November 2002.