Toy Story 3 Profile: Buzz Lightyear


With Toy Story 3 hitting Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, November 2nd, Disney•Pixar has provided with an exclusive character profile for Buzz Lightyear as if he was manufactured for real prior to the film. We also have a gallery of Buzz Lightyear concept art which you can view here!



Full Name: Buzz Lightyear

Occupation: Space Ranger action figure

Talents: Acrobatic stunts, intergalactic communication and defending the universe from the evil Emperor Zurg

Year Made: 1995

Description: This intergalactic action hero is a member of the elite Universe Protection Unit of the Space Ranger Corps. He’s a brave high-flier who hails from the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4

Special Features: Intergalactic wrist communicator; retractable deep-space visor; karate-chop action; glow-in-the-dark features; pulsating laser beam with flashing light and authentic sound effects; multi-phrase voice simulator; high-pressure, infra-hydraulic wing release activator; airtight intergalactic briefs; anti-gravity boots; interstellar wing-tip indicator beacons; terillium carbonic alloy (a.k.a. plastic) pop-out wings*; Demo mode; Spanish mode; reset button; requires two AA batteries
*This is not a flying toy

Wear And Tear:This Buzz is in great condition with only two minor defects. Firstly, the word ‘ANDY’ is written on the bottom of Buzz’s right foot. Secondly, the ‘intergalactic wrist communicator’ sticker is missing from inside the flap on Buzz’s left arm. Otherwise, he is in good shape

Fast Fact: Every Space Ranger box doubles up as Buzz’s very own superhero spaceship. Did your starship break on re-entry to planet Earth? Don’t panic! Simply use some uni-directional bonding strip (a.k.a. sticky tape) to fix your vehicle and you’ll be flying again in no time.

Did You Know? The second generation Buzz Lightyear action figure came complete with an intergalactic utility belt. This toy was launched in 1999 and the belt offered an antigravity servo activator, grappling hooks and a magnetic radial handgrip. All Buzz Lightyear action figures are made in Taiwan.

Current Owner: Andy Davis

Original Owner: Andy Davis (Buzz was a birthday present from Andy’s mom back in 1995 when the original toy was released)

In A Nutshell: Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!