September 2012
September 4
- The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Monster Rally (Animation, Family, TV) Buy Now!
- Attack of the Herbals (Comedy, Horror) Buy Now!
- Bored to Death: The Complete Third Season (Comedy, Crime, Mystery, TV) Buy Now!
- Chen Kaige's Sacrifice (Drama, History) Buy Now!
- Criminal Minds: The Seventh Season (Crime, Drama, Mystery, TV) Buy Now!
- Fringe: The Complete Fourth Season (Drama, Horror, Mystery, TV) Buy Now!
- The Good Wife: The Third Season (Crime, Drama, Mystery, TV) Buy Now!
- Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Eighth Season (Comedy, Drama, Romance, TV) Buy Now!
- High School (Comedy) Buy Now!
- Megaforce (Action, Sci-Fi) Buy Now!
- Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation - Volume One (Action, Adventure, Comedy, TV) Buy Now!
- The Office: Season Eight (Comedy, Romance, TV) Buy Now!
- Person of Interest: Season One (Drama, Thriller, TV) Buy Now!
- Piranha 3DD (Comedy, Horror, Thriller) Buy Now!
- Safe (Action, Crime, Thriller) Buy Now!

September 10
- Titanic (Adventure, Drama) Buy Now!

September 11
- 30 Rock: Season 6 (Comedy, TV) Buy Now!
- 6 Bullets (Action, Crime, Thriller) Buy Now!
- Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Season Three (Animation, Comedy, Family, TV) Buy Now!
- Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar (Animation, Comedy, Family) Buy Now!
- Beyond the Black Rainbow (Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller) Buy Now!
- Bleach Uncut: Set 14 (Action, Adventure, Animation) Buy Now!
- Chillers (Horror) Buy Now!
- Cleanskin (Crime, Drama, Thriller) Buy Now!
- Elles (Drama) Buy Now!
- Girl in Progress (Comedy, Drama) Buy Now!
- Goats (Comedy) Buy Now!
- Karate-Robo Zaborgar (Action, Comedy) Buy Now!
- Kojak: Season Five (Crime, Drama, Mystery, TV) Buy Now!
- Letting Go (Drama, Romance) Buy Now!
- Lola Versus (Comedy) Buy Now!
- The Loved Ones: Unrated (Crime, Drama, Horror) Buy Now!
- My Trip to Al-Qaeda (Documentary) Buy Now!
- Psych: The Psych-O-Ween Collection (Comedy, Crime, Mystery, TV) Buy Now!
- Rosewood Lane (Horror) Buy Now!
- Snow White and the Huntsman (Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy) Buy Now!
- Terra Nova (Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, TV) Buy Now!
- Vile (Horror) Buy Now!
- What to Expect When You're Expecting (Comedy, Drama, Romance) Buy Now!
- Where Do We Go Now? (Comedy, Drama) Buy Now!

September 18
- 2012 London Olympics Highlights (Sports) Buy Now!
- The Babymakers (Adventure, Comedy) Buy Now!
- Bait 3D (Action, Horror, Thriller) Buy Now!
- Battlefield America (Drama, Musical) Buy Now!
- Best of Ancient Aliens (Documentary, TV) Buy Now!
- Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 (Adventure, Comedy) Buy Now!
- Breathe (Adventure, Short) Buy Now!
- The Cabin in the Woods (Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller) Buy Now!
- Chico & Rita (Animation, Comedy, Family, Horror) Buy Now!
- Godforsaken (Thriller) Buy Now!
- Gone Hollywood (Romance) Buy Now!
- Hawaii Five-O: The Second Season (Action, Crime, Drama, TV) Buy Now!
- Hysteria (Comedy, Romance) Buy Now!
- James Bond Gadgets (Documentary, TV) Buy Now!
- Katt Williams: Kattpacalypse (Documentary, Comedy) Buy Now!
- The Mentalist: The Complete Fourth Season (Crime, Drama, Mystery, TV) Buy Now!
- Rawhide: The Fifth Season, Volume 1 (Action, Adventure, Drama, Western,TV) Buy Now!
- Rawhide: The Fifth Season, Volume 2 (Action, Adventure, Drama, Western,TV) Buy Now!
- The Revenant (Comedy, Horror) Buy Now!
- Salvation Boulevard (Action, Comedy, Drama) Buy Now!
- Shazam! (1974) (Action, Family, Fantasy, TV) Buy Now!
- Silenced (Drama) Buy Now!
- Supernatural: The Complete Seventh Season (Drama, Fantasy, Horror, TV) Buy Now!
- The Victim (Thriller) Buy Now!
- Winning Favor (Drama, Sport) Buy Now!

September 25
- American Horror Story: The Complete First Season (Horror, Mystery, Thriller) Buy Now!
- Charlie's Angels: The Complete Series (Action, Adventure, Crime, TV) Buy Now!
- CSI: Miami - The 10th and Final Season (Drama, Mystery, Thriller, TV) Buy Now!
- CSI: NY - The Eighth Season (Drama, Mystery, Thriller, TV) Buy Now!
- Deer Crossing (Crime, Drama, Horror) Buy Now!
- Delicacy (Comedy, Romance) Buy Now!
- Doubletime (Documentary) Buy Now!
- Drunkboat (Drama) Buy Now!
- Family Guy: Volume 10 (Animation, Comedy, TV) Buy Now!
- FDR: American Badass (Action, Comedy) Buy Now!
- G.I. Joe Renegades: Season One, Vol. 2 (Animation, Action, Adventure, TV) Buy Now!
- The Game (Criterion Collection) (Drama, Mystery, Thriller) Buy Now!
- Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Season 2, Volume 2 (Animation, Action, Adventure, TV) Buy Now!
- Jock The Hero Dog (Animation, Adventure, Comedy) Buy Now!
- Klown (Comedy) Buy Now!
- The Letter (Drama, Thriller) Buy Now!
- Marvel's The Avengers (Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi) Buy Now!
- Occupy Unmasked (Documentary) Buy Now!
- Resident Evil: Damnation (Animation, Action, Horror) Buy Now!
- The Samaratin (Thriller) Buy Now!
- Shut Up! (Tais toi) (Comedy, Crime) Buy Now!
- Strippers vs. Werewolves (Comedy, Horror) Buy Now!
- The Tall Man (Horror, Mystery, Thriller) Buy Now!
- To Whom It May Concern: Ka Shen's Journey (Biography, Documentary, Drama) Buy Now!
- Vampire Dog (Family) Buy Now!
- Weird-Noir (Six B-Movies) (Comedy, Crime, Mystery) Buy Now!

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