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Paramount Pictures launched CinemaCon's opening night festivities with a montage preview of their upcoming slate and two extended looks at the forthcoming Star Trek Into Darkness and World War Z.

Taking to the stage at Las Vegas' CinemaCon for this evening Paramount Pictures presentation, director Michael Bay announced that Stanley Tucci has joined the cast of the upcoming Transformers 4. He'll appear opposite Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor and Nicola Peltz as well as another mysterious young actor that Bay teased will be announced very shortly.

IMAX Corporation and Paramount Pictures tonight announced an agreement to release five of Paramount Pictures' upcoming films in the immersive IMAX format under an extension of the companies' long-running partnership. The arrangement features some of Paramount's most highly-anticipated tentpole films, including Michael Bay's Transformers 4 (June 27, 2014) as well as its co-production of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar (November 7, 2014) and three titles that have yet to be announced.

Following its debut at CinemaCon last night, FilmDistrict has provided us with a high quality version of the teaser poster for Spike Lee's Oldboy. Coming to theaters on October 11, the film stars Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, James Ransone and Samuel L. Jackson.

It's become a grand tradition here at for us to go to Las Vegas for the annual exhibitors convention formerly called ShoWest and now called CinemaCon. For the third year in a row, Caesar's Palace is the home for CinemaCon and as in past years, hundreds of exhibitors and theater owners will gather to find out what the studios have to offer their audiences over the next few months.

As usual, we've gotten there a bit early to check out the posters on display, some of which you can see below and others you can check out in our 2013 CinemaCon Gallery.

You may have read our CinemaCon coverage last week, and one of the biggest topics of conversation and discussion that we only touched upon in was the advent of new technology, including laser projection and the decision by filmmakers such as Peter Jackson to start filming digitally with higher frame rates. There's no debate on my end that higher frame rates will allow for better quality reproduction of a filmmaker's vision and kudos to Peter Jackson for being the first to step forward and use this new technology for such a high profile movie like The Hobbit.

The idea of shooting at higher frame rates is certainly an interesting prospect but as I was sitting through an Industry Think Tank panel at Cinemacon last week, I couldn't stop thinking, "How are we going to sell this to moviegoers?"

Batting clean-up at CinameCon was Universal Pictures, who hadn't made their first appearance at the annual exhibitors convention in quite some time and showed a variety of upcoming projects, some coming out this summer and some which haven't even started shooting yet, as well as trotted out some of the talent, many of whom were conveniently receiving CinemaCon awards later that evening. We've decided to jump around and talk about the ones that got us the most excited, although there was so much information to ingest, we could only take notes fast enough to share what we saw. Hosted by Universal Pictures Chairman Adam Fogelson, the presentation mainly focused on the company's five summer movies but also touched upon what they have in store for the next year and even going into next summer.

We're still catching up on the Fox presentation we watched earlier, but since they were covering the entire year, it would only be expected that they'd have some new footage from Luc Besson's anticipated action-thriller Taken 2, returning Liam Neeson to the role of ex-CIA agent Bryan Mills, who had to save his daughter from the Armenian sex trade in the 2008 Fox hit Taken.

At the Fox presentation at CinemaCon, Fox Co-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment Tom Rothman dropped a hint that we may be seeing a sequel to last year's hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes very soon, as it was listed among the movies they hope to start production on before summer's end.

20th Century Fox must know they have something special on their hands, which is why they chose to use a good portion of their CinemaCon presentation to show off the very first footage from Ang Lee's movie based on Yann Martel's best-selling novel Life of Pi. Before the presentation, got to talk with director Lee briefly about taking on the project and the decision to do it in 3D.

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