Best Castiel Supernatural Moments


Best Castiel Supernatural Moments

Best Castiel Supernatural Moments

Introduced in Season 4, Castiel on Supernatural quickly became a fan favorite. He started to question his loyalty to heaven after the Winchesters challenged him to consider choosing free will. He is heaven’s greatest strategist and a warrior of God. Here are five of Castiel’s most awesome moments on Supernatural.

  1. His Introduction in “Lazarus Rising”

In Supernatural Season 4, Castiel’s introduction is one of the most memorable we’ve ever seen on TV. Dean Winchester and his father figure, Bobby, await what they believe to be a demon inside an old barn that’s covered with esoteric signs. Dean had been resurrected from hell, but they could not figure out what had done it. Whatever was responsible, the local demons in town are afraid of the creature. The barn starts to bang and shake, and the doors burst open as sparks fall down on Castiel as he walks in. Dean discovers for the first time in his life that angels of the Lord exist.

  1. Castiel Challenges Crowley in “A Little Slice of Kevin”

Both Dean and Crowley believe that Castiel isn’t up to a big fight with the demon and King of Hell. Castiel swiftly proves them both wrong with an impressive light show as he brandishes his angel blade and spreads his wings, breaking the tablet in half and rescuing Kevin.

  1. Castiel Interrogates a Cat in “Hunteri Heroici”

Castiel may be an excellent fighter and all-around badass, but his angelic qualities also allow him to speak with other species. In the episode “Hunteri Heroici,” an elderly woman mentions that the cat talks occasionally. She is clearly referring to a cartoon, but Castiel announces he is going to interrogate the cat. Afterward, the unimpressed cat, Bob, calls him a dumbass.

  1. Castiel’s Story in “The Man Who Would Be King”

This entire episode is a gorgeous rendition of Castiel’s side of the story, so every moment qualifies as one of his most awesome on the show. However, his double-smiting of demons and taking out an entire house full of them make for one of his coolest scenes. He did all of that only for the Winchesters to discover that he’d been working behind their backs, but it is an epic episode anyway.

  1. Castiel is Also Misha Collins in “The French Mistake

In the meta episode of Supernatural Season 6, “The French Mistake,” Sam and Dean are astounded to find themselves transported to an alternate universe where they are now two actors playing themselves on a TV show called Supernatural. They are further confused by the appearance of Misha, who apparently plays Castiel on Supernatural and has a personality that is the polar opposite of everyone’s favorite angel.