Remembering the 9th Doctor


Remembering the 9th Doctor

Remembering the 9th Doctor

Doctor Who is one of the most fruitful and long-lasting series in British television history, and the show was reinvigorated by the appearance of the 9th Doctor. Christopher Eccleston rocketed onto the scene and imagined the series in a darker and more modern style. He has often been overshadowed by later actors, such as the sillier Matt Smith on Doctor Who. Let’s take a look at why the first season of Doctor Who in the reboot is so vital to the series.

The Appearance of the 9th Doctor

After flopping with the Eighth Doctor and ending the series in 1996, it was decided to bring back the show with a more contemporary style. In 2005, the 9th Doctor was reborn as a serious, grim and dark character. Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor was emotionally tortured by the destruction of his race, the Time Lords, in the Time War. He soon met a companion, Rose, who helped him recover.

This change received positive reviews. Many critics considered Eccleston the best Doctor yet. Eccleston is a skilled actor who showed off a new range for the character. However, many fans missed the sillier or eccentric character they had come to love in the original series.

Unfortunately, Eccleston’s difficulties with the show crew meant that his excellent run as the 9th Doctor ended after just a single year. However, interest was high enough after his season to kick-start a whole new series of episodes.

Doctor Who Episode Guide

There were many incredible adventures in Eccleston’s run as Doctor Who. For example, his first appearance in the episode “Rose” is a classic moment. He saves Rose during an alien attack and invites her to travel with him in the TARDIS. From there, they head off to the past and visit Charles Dickens. This episode marked a return to the more history-oriented episodes of the previous series.

One surprising moment occurs in the episode “Dalek.” After encountering this creature, the cool and collected Doctor loses his head. Believing the Daleks to be dead after the Time War, he angrily tortures it for more information and later tries to kill it. While Rose talks him out of it, this episode indicates the vast differences between Eccleston’s Doctor and earlier iterations. Hardcore fans highly debate this moment, but critics love it.

The last episode of Eccleston’s series shows the Doctor sacrificing himself to save Rose from the energy of the time vortex. This wild moment was caused by fighting another Dalek invasion of Earth and destroying them in the nick of time. After he saves Rose with a kiss, Chris Eccleston’s Doctor dies and is regenerated as David Tennant.

The Legacy of Eccleston

While Eccleston’s brief time as the Doctor isn’t as praised as some other Doctors, it is clear that his performance has had a lasting impact on the series. His character was exciting and new enough to capture a broader audience.

Doctor Who is still running strong, with more recent seasons featuring the first female incarnation of the Doctor.