Every Nurse Jackie Season Ranked


Every Nurse Jackie Season Ranked

Every Nurse Jackie Season Ranked

In this Nurse Jackie season guide, get an in-depth look at the quality of each season of this groundbreaking series. While the show maintained a pretty solid quality, it dipped a bit as time passed. At least two seasons were almost dreadful. Thankfully, it came back at the end for a strong finish. Will there be a season eight? We hope so!

Season One

Starting out strong and attracting a broad range of viewers right away, the first season of Nurse Jackie may be the best. Standout episodes included “Chicken Soup,” in which Jackie had to reason with a dying man. Another highlight was “Health Care and Cinema,” in which Kevin finally gave Jackie her new wedding ring.

Season Four

By the time Nurse Jackie season four rolled around, the show was on fire. There were a ton of great episodes in this season. One of our favorites was “Day of the Iguana,” which saw Jackie bailing out Charlie and learning a wild secret. We also loved “Chaud and Froid” because it showcased the damage that Jackie’s addiction was doing to her friends and co-workers.

Season Three

Balancing her insane workload and addiction was proving nearly impossible for Jackie by season three. As a result, this was one of the darkest seasons yet. This darkness was shown very well in “Fuck the Lemurs.” In this episode, Jackie was suffering real legal problems as a result of her addiction. These problems climaxed in “Deaf Blind Tumor Pee-Test.”

Nurse Jackie Seasons Ranked

Season Two

The tone was beginning to shift a little too wildly in season two of the series. However, there were still quite a few great episodes to watch. One that stood out was “Sleeping Dogs.” Jackie’s addiction was spiraling out of control here, and she was forced to falsify an MRI to get the drugs that she needed.

Season Seven

While Nurse Jackie seasons five and six were the worst in the series’ history, the show rebounded with its final season. Fans were a little outraged after the end of “I Say A Little Prayer,” the series finale. Jackie overdosed, and her fate was left ambiguous and without resolution.

Season Five

Things took a sharp nose-dive in season five. For a while, it seemed that the show was just spinning its wheels, exploring the same topics. However, “Heart” was a dramatic episode that showcased a struggling Jackie trying to decide what to do about the custody of her children and whether she was a fit parent.

Season Six

By the time Nurse Jackie┬áseason six rolled around, most critics had written off the show. While it was the weakest season of the series and one of its lowest viewed, there were still moments to enjoy. “Love Jungle” was a surprisingly intense episode that featured some drama surrounding Jackie and Frank.