Best Episodes from the Suits TV Show


Best Episodes from the Suits TV Show

Best Episodes from the Suits TV Show

The Suits TV show is endearingly popular for good reason. Among other things, it provides an excellent look at the machinations of the legal world. We are going to take a look at what we think are the 15 best episodes of the show.

  1. Sucker Punch

In this episode, Harvey needs help in a complicated lawsuit against Pearson Hardman. This episode is great because it showcases pure legal drama and a complex backstory.

  1. Normandy

In an expansion of earlier plot lines, Harvey faces Daniel Hardman in a legal battle. Meanwhile, Rachel learns that her application to Harvard may not be accepted.

  1. War

In this tense episode Suits TV show, Harvey works to prevent the merger he’s been fighting so hard to stop. Meanwhile, Rachel’s Harvard drama continues as she asks Mike for a recommendation.

  1. He’s Back

The always dirty Daniel Hardman gets revenge on Harvey’s firm by taking the defense in a high-profile gender discrimination case. Rachel suddenly has a crisis of faith as she debates her desire to attend Harvard.

  1. She Knows

Jessica pressures Harvey to fire Mike from the firm after learning about his secret. Harvey struggles to make a decision that could impact his company in a major way.

  1. Meet the New Boss

In this early episode of the Suits TV show, Hardman joins the firm and tries to take on a challenging case to impress Jessica. Things don’t quite go according to his plan.

  1. The Other Time

Harvey watches his former partner Cameron use inappropriate tactics in Ava’s case, and it reminds him of why he left in the first place. This episode also helps expand Mike’s backstory.

  1. Heartburn

One of the firm’s biggest clients demands that Harvey and Mike perform duties they consider rather shady. Meanwhile, Rachel is working hard to get money back from an old friend.

  1. Stay

Ava hires Travis Tanner to pursue a vigorous and mean-spirited case against Harvey’s firm. Tanner is more than happy to go after his old rival Harvey.

  1. Rules of the Game

In this early Suits TV show standout, Harvey could be disbarred if he doesn’t testify against an old friend. This high drama is contrasted with some humorous date situations with Mike.

  1. High Noon

A showdown of sorts goes sour for Harvey when Hardman wins control of the firm by earning Louis’ vote. As a result, Harvey’s life becomes a living hell.

  1. Discovery

The always fun Travis Tanner returns to sue Harvey and one of his clients for slander and withholding information. Anytime Harvey and Tanner battle, you have a great episode.

  1. Errors and Omissions

Another enemy of Harvey’s surfaces during a patent case. The judge has a vendetta against him and is working to destroy his case in a potentially unethical way.

  1. Tricks of the Trade

Rachel continues her attempt to get into Harvard while Mike worries that she will learn his secret. Meanwhile, he and Harvey are working on an insider trading case together.

  1. The Shelf Life

Mike is concerned about the termination of an accountant and believes that Harvey may be after him. This episode is full of strange paranoia and is a truly incredible watch.