Merlin TV Show: Best Moments of the Magical Series


Merlin TV Show

Merlin TV Show: Best Moments of the Magical Series

The Merlin TV show surprised a lot of people by providing high-quality thrills and boundless entertainment. The Merlin cast was well-chosen, and the show’s five seasons are still loved by fans. The potential reality of a Merlin Season 6 is prompting many fans to take a look back at some of the best moments in this always-entertaining show.

Arthur Returns!

By the start of the third season, Merlin had gained a lot of momentum as a television show. The final episode of the third season, “The Coming of Arthur,” showcased a dramatic return of the prince and his wizard.

In this story arc, the two are creating an army to bring down the evil Morgana. It was the first episode that showcased the strength of the young future king and created a dramatic moment with his father, the flawed and perpetually doomed Uther.

Growing Hair with a Smack

The Merlin TV show could be rather serious at times. However, the Merlin cast was skilled enough to handle great comedy. One of the funniest moments in the show came during the episode “Goblin’s Gold.”

In this episode, Gaius smacks Uther on the back of the head. When confronted with his actions, Gaius claims that he was attempting to stimulate circulation in the king’s head to grow back hair. Although the scene is a little hard to explain, you’ll find it hilarious if you take the time to watch it.

Don’t Go, Merlin!

One surprising moment in the Merlin TV show occurred in the 10th episode of the first season. In it, Prince Arthur chases down his beloved magician and begs him to come back to Camelot.

It is a touching moment that illustrates what so many people love about the show. While the drama is always exciting, it is the characters and the high-quality cast that keep viewers coming back for more.

Pulling the Sword from the Stone

It’s hard to deny that the greatest moment in this series is when Arthur finally pulls the sword from the stone. This moment takes place in the 13th episode of season four. It’s an epic scene that has a lot of dramatic build-ups. Arthur is at his lowest ebb and believes he is absolute garbage. However, Merlin saves the day by creating a story about the sword in the stone.

Merlin then goads Arthur to pull out the sword to showcase his potential as king. As a result, Arthur regains his self-composure and is ready to become a real leader. We consider this a stunning and subtle episode that showcases all of the trademark dramatic excellence of the series.

Could Merlin Come Back?

A campaign led by fans of the Merlin TV show has been pushing for a return of this series for quite some time. The Merlin cast is all about the idea, and Merlin Season 6 could be a reality if the right people make enough noise.