Best Moments in Camelot TV Series


Best Moments in Camelot TV Series

Best Moments in Camelot TV Series

The Camelot TV series on STARZ may not have been a smashing success during its short run. However, it still had plenty of great dramatic moments. Here’s a look at times when this series showed real promise as an ultimate Arthurian adaptation.

Uther Acknowledges Arthur

In the first episode of the Camelot TV series, Merlin can’t save Uther from the evil of Morgana. Nevertheless, he does get Uther to acknowledge Arthur as his son, helping the young lad on the route to becoming the new king of Camelot. This perfectly sets up several elements of the show.

The Sword From the Stone

The highlight of any Arthur story is the moment he pulls the sword from the stone. In the second episode of the show, he does just that and finally gets acknowledged as the king. The drama of the moment is incredible, and the Camelot TV series handles it quite well.

Arthur Meets Guinevere

The earliest episodes of Camelot accelerated the background of the Arthur legend. By the third episode, he was already meeting and falling in love with Guinevere. In this installment, you get a sense of Arthur’s fascination with her and her interest in him. However, it is also clear that there is danger in the liaison.

Camelot TV Series

Finding Excalibur

Arthur earns his legendary sword from the mysterious Lady of the Lake. In this version of the story, there is plenty of intrigue and difficulties around this presentation. It takes several battles alongside Merlin to finally get this sword. But when he gets it, Arthur is finally confident that he is the real king.

The Case of Colfur

Arthur saves an alleged murderer from being lynched in an attempt to adopt a legal system that will unite the kingdom. However, Guinevere finds out that the case is very complicated and may be difficult to try. It is this moment of working together that is so great because it showcases the growing attraction between Arthur and Guinevere.

The Trip to Guinevere’s Father

During a long trip to visit Guinevere’s dying father, Arthur feels increasing love for Guinevere. He falls for her in spite of Merlin’s continued warnings against it. This moment is crucial for the show because it illustrates the potential romantic and dramatic possibilities that could have erupted if the show continued.

Morgana Stages an Attack Against Herself

In the episode “The Long Night,” Arthur and Morgana seem to attempt a reconciliation during a lengthy dinner. However, her castle is attacked by aggressive and violent invaders. When it’s revealed that Morgana is the one behind the assault, you get a real feeling for her danger as an evil and unpredictable character.

Could Camelot Have Worked?

Fans of Camelot were disappointed when it wasn’t picked up for renewal. Could it have worked better if given more time? These moments indicate it had a lot of possibilities that will sadly remain untapped.