Best Moments of the Dollhouse TV Show


Best Moments of the Dollhouse TV Show

Best Moments of the Dollhouse TV Show

The Dollhouse TV show was a piece of episodic sci-fi that didn’t get quite long enough to live. While it did get two seasons, it felt like the best moments were leading to something more. Still, there were 10 great moments from the show that should be treasured from its brief run.

The Attic

The Attic was a place whispered about for much of the first season. Actually visiting the Attic was one of the scariest moments of the show. It was deeply disturbing, to say the least, but it remains one of the most memorable moments of the show.

The Reveal

The penultimate episode of Dollhouse was full of major reveals. From learning about who was really in charge of Rossum to figuring out exactly how it was all going to go wrong, this episode was an amazing last gasp for the main story line of the show.

The Dolls Escape

This seemed like it could’ve been the show’s series finale. Seeing all of the Dolls revert to their original personalities and finally find some closure was bittersweet. While the episode didn’t end on a happy note, it was absolutely in line with the tone of the entire show.

Meeting Alpha

Alpha was built up as a major antagonist during the first season, so it’s only natural that meeting him would be a serious turning point for the show. His casting absolutely came out of left field, and the initial reveal is still too good to spoil years later.

Echo Gets Wiped

Seeing Echo get wiped for the first time was one of the most chilling moments of the show. Echo’s childlike nature and tabula rasa state were unnerving and a huge credit to the acting abilities of Eliza Dushku.

Epitaph One

One of the best episodes of Dollhouse wasn’t released on Fox. Instead, it was packed in with the initial DVD release. Epitaph One revealed a post-apocalyptic future for the Dollhouse, the road to which wouldn’t be discovered until the second season.

Dollhouse TV Show

Bennett’s Grudge

One of the most brilliant pieces of casting in the Dollhouse TV show was that of Summer Glau as Bennett. The character was at times a fantastic foil/romantic interest for Topher and a reasonable foe for Echo. Her grudge wasn’t just realistic — it might even have been justified.

Topher’s Suicide

Topher is put through the emotional ringer more than any other character. By the time of the distant finale, he’s a shell of a man who is barely able to function. Seeing him get the chance to cure all the ills he caused is a great bit of catharsis.

Echo vs. Alpha

The season one network finale was an uneven affair but still one that stood out as a strong point in an uneven season. Finally seeing Echo and Alpha face off, all while Ballard is forced to ultimately work with the Dollhouse, is worth putting up with the slower parts of the season.

The Grand Finale

Epitaph Two was a gamble in a way that most network finales aren’t. There’s no room for a movie here, nor is there a really happy ending. It’s not just Topher’s suicide that puts the final nail in the coffin — the world of Dollhouse TV show is irrevocably changed.