Best Episodes of the Eureka TV Show


Best Episodes of the Eureka TV Show

Best Episodes of the Eureka TV Show

The Eureka TV show was one of the most beloved shows ever produced on SyFy. During its all-too-brief run, this fan favorite had some outstanding episodes that we continue to watch again and again. These are our top seven favorite episodes that proved that the Eureka cast and their show were truly special.


Where it all began! An odd accident brings U.S. Marshal Jack Carter, the star of Eureka, to the technologically advanced yet oddly bizarre town. Learn just how Jack began his investigation into the mysterious and secretive events in Eureka, Washington. This episode features early set designs and logos that were later changed for the full run of production episodes.

Once in a Lifetime

Pushing the Eureka TV show forward to 2010 allowed viewers a chance to take a second look at the town at the end of the first season. While the episode is perhaps best known for slowly putting the lid on the Artifact plot and for its repercussions the next season, it’s a fantastically gripping episode of television and an always-intriguing exploration of time travel.

I Do Over

Every good sci-fi show needs a Groundhog Day episode, and Eureka delivers with this one. While the episode is funny for most of its running time, the ending is a bit on the heartbreaking side. Prepare yourself for this one, and you’ll enjoy every moment of the ride.

Eureka TV Show

H.O.U.S.E. Rules

It was only a matter of time until Jack’s excessively smart house went wild. This episode takes everything about the out-of-control AI trope, mixes it with a dash of Die Hard, and throws it into a blender. A fantastic comedy episode, it’s one of the earlier glimpses into the brilliance for which the show would later be known.

Jack of All Trades

A great body swap episode, this one is outright hilarious. It’s not the most important episode of the show for long-term plot considerations, but it’s easily the most fun. Just seeing Jack having to inhabit the space of the rest of the Eureka cast alone is worth your time.

Founder’s Day

No single episode had as much of an impact on Eureka’s endgame as Founder’s Day. This time travel story upended everything, setting into motion the events that would bring the show to a close. While Eureka was great before this episode, Founder’s Day proved that the Eureka TV show was like nothing else on the channel.

Just Another Day

This finale was the best way to wrap up the show. While Eureka didn’t get nearly as much time as viewers had hoped, it still got the great ending it deserved. It’s hard not to get emotional with this one if you loved the show, but you’ll want to watch it to get some closure.