The Best Wonder Woman TV Show Episodes


The Best Wonder Woman TV Show Episodes

The Best Wonder Woman TV Show Episodes

The Wonder Woman TV show starring Lynda Carter has seen a rise in popularity following the explosive success of the new Wonder Woman film. There would be no film without the success of the comics and the Wonder Woman TV show, so it’s no wonder people are looking back at the origins of the character. Here are the top five Wonder Woman TV show episodes to check out.

The New Original Wonder Woman – Season 1, Episode 1

The New Original Wonder Woman introduces the Wonder Woman logo and the premise of the titular superheroine. Steve Trevor comes across Paradise Island and tells the Amazons of World War II. Princess Diana wins the place to go with him to fight in the war, so she is given her iconic Wonder Woman powers, weapons and name. She sets off with Steve Trevor to help stop a Nazi procurement of a bomb.


Fausta: The Nazi Woman – Season 1, Episode 2

Fausta is one of the most beloved Wonder Woman episodes by fans. A female Nazi named Fausta sneaks into the U.S. and captures Wonder Woman. Fausta takes her back to Germany to brainwash her and learn of her secret powers. She then disguises herself as Wonder Woman. It’s up to Steve Trevor to save the day and help Wonder Woman.

Feminum Mystique – Season 1, Episodes 4 and 5

The Feminum Mystique shows Wonder Woman caught in a story of abduction and espionage. Her sister Drusilla is captured in America. Drusilla reveals the location of Paradise Island, which is then taken to the Nazis. They launch an attack on Paradise Island, so Wonder Woman and Drusilla must defend their home from the invasion.

Light Fingered Lady – Season 2, Episode 13

The highest-rated episode from this season, Light Fingered Lady shows Wonder Woman trying to capture a notorious bank thief. She goes undercover as a bank robber to try to catch the thief.

The Boy Who Knew Her Secret Identity – Season 3, Episode 20 and 21

The Boy Who Knew Her Secret Identity is a two-part episode. It is a classic story of alien takeover. The aliens are pyramid shaped and take over the identities of people on Earth. Even Wonder Woman’s identity is taken by one of the aliens.


If you enjoyed the Wonder Woman film and want to see more pictures of Wonder Woman as an early feminist icon, these five episodes are a great place to start.