A Guide to Ed O’Neill’s TV Shows


A Guide to Ed O'Neill's TV Shows

A Guide to Ed O’Neill’s TV Shows

While never a big name as an A-list actor, Ed O’Neill has maintained a consistently funny presence on television for decades.

Ed O’Neill is one of those actors who seems to do well in both television and film. However, he is best remembered for some of the funniest and most memorable TV roles of all time. Join us as we take a look at some of the best television shows in the career of Ed O’Neill.

Early Appearances

In the trend-setting crime show “Miami Vice,” O’Neill played Artie Rollins on the 1984 episode “Heart of Darkness.” He also played Colson on the series “Hunter” in a 1985 episode entitled “The Garbage Man.” Another early role for him was as Bivins in a 1988 episode of “Police Story.” Avid tube watchers could also catch O’Neill in TV movies like “Braker,” “A Winner Never Quits,” and “Right to Die.”

Married… with Children

Ed O’Neill became a household name in 1987 when he began starring in “Married… with Children” as the foul-mouthed Al Bundy. O’Neill was the comedic highlight in a cast that included skilled actors such as Christina Applegate, Katey Segal, and Amanda Bearse. This show, which lasted until 1997, is probably what O’Neill is most remembered for.

The 10th Kingdom

As “Married… with Children” ended its run, O’Neill had a series of small parts in movies such as “Prefontaine” and “The Bone Collector.” As always, he was an underrated highlight in his roles. However, he came back to television with the miniseries “The 10th Kingdom.” In it, he played Relish the Troll King. This was a genuinely frightening role that showcased O’Neill’s acting chops.

Big Apple

In 2001, O’Neill played Detective Michael Mooney on the series “Big Apple.” While he lasted only eight episodes as the character, his performance was memorable and well-regarded by fans of the show. He brought his trademark humor and every-man charm to the role.


In this short-lived reboot of the classic detective series, O’Neill played Lieutenant Joe Friday. While the show never built much steam, most critics agreed that O’Neill played a pretty good Joe Friday. Fans were particularly impressed by his dry delivery of some funny lines.

The West Wing

In a four-episode run on this classic political drama, O’Neill played the governor of Pennsylvania. It was another role that expanded his acting chops and illustrated that he was capable of more than comic roles.

John From Cincinnati

Unfortunately, few people remember this drama series, in which O’Neill showed up in 10 episodes as character Bill Jacks. Jacks was similar to past O’Neill roles and, while funny, was probably the kind of acting job he could pull off in his sleep.

Ed O'Neill Modern Family

Modern Family

While Neill had other short-term acting gigs on other television shows, his biggest recent success has been as Jay Prichett on the Emmy-winning “Modern Family.” This highly successful series showcases a variety of different family types. As always, O’Neill is a comic highlight and the actor who usually gets the most laughs.