A Guide to Mackenzie Davis Movies and TV Shows


A Guide to Mackenzie Davis Movies and TV Shows

A Guide to Mackenzie Davis Movies and TV Shows

Mackenzie Davis is an up-and-coming Canadian actress best known for playing Cameron Howe in the TV show “Halt and Catch Fire.” While her role as an ’80s computer programmer may have gained her the attention of American audiences, it’s far from her only credit. She’s dabbled in sci-fi TV, big-budget movies and much more.


In 2012, Davis had a small part in the indie drama “Smashed,” which was directed by James Ponsoldt. She played Millie, a flirtatious girl who likes to hang out at bars. Though she was only in one scene in the critically acclaimed drama, it was her first credited role in a feature film.

Bad Turn Worse

Fans of noir will enjoy “Bad Turn Worse.” This 2013 film, directed by Zeke and Simon Hawkins, stars Davis as Sue, a teen who steals money from a mobster. Sue is a recent high school graduate determined to leave her rural Texas roots behind. Her college plans are put in jeopardy, however, when the local mob boss draws her further and further into his schemes.

Halt and Catch Fire

In June of 2014, “Halt and Catch Fire” premiered on AMC. The series is a poignant chronicle of the PC revolution, and as the seasons go on, it moves from personal computing to the early days of the internet. Davis plays Cameron Howe, a programming prodigy who sets the PC world on fire. Davis has garnered lots of praise for her fearless, whip smart portrayal of a tech world wunderkind.

The Martian

With “The Martian,” Mackenzie Davis got her first taste of acting in a blockbuster film. This sci-fi movie, which stars Matt Damon as astronaut Mark Watney, is about NASA’s attempts to bring the stranded Watney home from Mars. Davis plays Mindy Park, a satellite planner who works in Mission Control at NASA. Mindy is the first person to notice that Mark isn’t dead, and she becomes responsible for communicating with him in Morse code.

Mackenzie Davis

Black Mirror – San Junipero

In 2016, Davis starred in an episode of the sci-fi anthology series “Black Mirror.” She plays Yorkie, a young woman visiting the resort town of San Junipero. On her visit, she falls in love with Kelly, an experienced tourist who catches her eye. The episode was released to wide critical acclaim, and it was nominated for two Emmy Awards. Much of the praise centered on Davis and her scene partner, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, for their sensitive portrayals of this sci-fi love story.

Always Shine

In “Always Shine,” Davis plays Anna, a struggling actress going on a weekend trip to Big Sur with her best friend Beth. The vacation quickly devolves into psychologically fraught nightmare, however, as the friends turn against each other. For this role, Davis was awarded the Jury Prize for Best Actress at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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