A Guide to Peter Sarsgaard Movies and TV Shows


A Guide to Peter Sarsgaard Movies and TV Shows

A Guide to Peter Sarsgaard Movies and TV Shows 

Although Peter Sarsgaard is not a household name, he is a well-respected actor working in Hollywood. He’s had a busy career both in film and television. Take a look at some of the best roles of his lengthy and impressive career.

Law & Order

Sarsgaard’s first role was in 1995 in the television series “Law & Order.” His acting chops were already quite developed in this standout role.

Dead Man Walking

In this 1995 feature film, Peter Sarsgaard had a small role as a man named Walter Delacroix. Even in this short role, he was capable of standing out from a large cast due to his energy.

New York Undercover

Sarsgaard took another TV role in “New York Undercover.” While it didn’t span into multiple acting gigs, it was a standout performance that showcased a truly gifted actor.

The Man in the Iron Mask

By 1998, Sarsgaard had become a respected enough actor to get roles in high-profile movies. This Leonardo DiCaprio film showcased Sarsgaard as Raoul, a dangerous and conniving man.

Cracker: Mind Over Murder

Just before becoming a major star, Sarsgaard had an appearance in this little-known series. His one-episode appearance is fondly remembered by the few fans this show earned.

Peter Sarsgaard

Boys Don’t Cry

In this controversial 1999 movie that made a household name of Hillary Swank, Sarsgaard co-stars as a man who discovers her secret identity. His role is painful, dramatic and very well done.

The Cell

While Peter Sarsgaard went uncredited for his role in this over-the-top movie, he was a part of it. Did he ask for his name to be taken off the credits when he saw the final product? We wouldn’t be surprised.

The Killing

One of Sarsgaard’s biggest television roles came in 2013. He joined the cast of “The Killing” and took the role of Ray Seward for 12 episodes of this series. It’s unfortunate that this series didn’t last long.

The Slap

In 2015, Sarsgaard played Hector for eight episodes of “The Slap.” While his time on this series didn’t last very long, it remains a highlight of his acting career. The strange premise of the show gave him plenty of room to showcase what he was capable of doing as an actor.

The Magnificent Seven

The 2016 remake of this classic movie wasn’t exactly a runaway success. Despite being mostly ignored by critics and audiences, Sarsgaard made a good impression as Bartholomew Bogue. Using a more tough-guy approach than past roles, he did an excellent job.

Loving Pablo

While this 2017 film hasn’t yet been released, Sarsgaard has a large role. It is a Spanish film that finds a journalist falling in love with infamous drug czar Pablo Escobar to tragic results. The exact role of Sarsgaard isn’t yet known, but it sounds like a movie that suits his skill set.


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