The Best Episodes of Kenan and Kel


The Best Episodes of Kenan and Kel

The Best Episodes of Kenan and Kel

While it is fair to say that Kenan and Kel was not for all tastes, it was a groundbreaking show for Nickelodeon. It was their first show to star African American actors and brought in more teenage viewers. As a result, it still has a large fanbase to this day. Here’s a look at some of its best episodes.

Two Heads Are Better Than None

Kenan and Kel worked best when it contrasted Kenan’s straight-man approach with Kel’s manic energy. In this episode, Kenan and his family want to go on vacation without taking Kel. Unfortunately for them, that doesn’t happen. As a result, their vacation is ruined, but the audience gets the chance to laugh their butts off.

Baggin’ Saggin’ Kel

Another strength of this show was the way it focused on the real world and scenarios that would honestly affect its target audience. For example, this episode features Kel becoming a bagging champion at his teenage job. While funny, it’s also highly relatable as it makes it easy for teens to understand the situation and laugh along with the duo.

Safe and Sorry

In this hilarious episode, Kel finds a treasure map after trying to kill a giant spider. The rest of the episode follows these two as they attempt to find some money. Watching Kenan and Kel play off each other is always a joy, and it is a shame that they didn’t get to work together more after this show.

The Tainting of the Screw

In another get-rich-quick scheme, Kenan hatches a plan to sue a tuna fish company after he finds a screw in his tuna sandwich. However, his plot is ruined by the wackiness of Kel. While such schemes were a regular plot device in this show, they were almost always executed pretty well.

Mo’ Sweater Blues

In this early series highlight, Kenan asks out Brianna. His inability to do so is a plot device for much of the series. During this date, she wears a gorgeous white sweater. In a series obsessed with orange soda, only unfortunate things can happen to a white outfit.

In the Line of Kenan

This hilarious parody of “In the Line of Fire” finds Kenan accidentally saving the life of the President of the United States from falling cans of orange soda. As a result, he becomes a bodyguard for a period of time. While this scenario is bizarre and a little outside the usual realm of the show, it somehow works.

Diamonds Are for Roger

Mistaken identity is a common trope in many sitcoms. In this episode of Kenan and Kel, Kenan is mistaken for a jewel thief. This confusion is only worsened when Roger takes home some cubic zirconium as a gift for Sheryl. Pure hilarity breaks out as Kenan tries to prove his innocence.