A Guide to Arthur Darvill Movies and TV Shows


A Guide to Arthur Darvill Movies and TV Shows

A Guide to Arthur Darvill Movies and TV Shows

Arthur Darvill has gained fans all over the world for roles that he’s made his own, including Rory Williams on Doctor Who and Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow. The RADA-trained actor, musician and songwriter has made notable appearances on television, the stage and the big screen.

Legends of Tomorrow – Rip Hunter

Arthur Darvill plays Hunter, who is the aloof but determined captain of the time-traveling ship Waverider. He travels back in time over a hundred years to pluck people from history to help him save the future from the evil Vandal Savage. While these people all have special abilities and skills, they’re a far cry from the legendary heroes they later become. Because of the machinations of the Legion of Doom and their quest for the Spear of Destiny, Hunter turns evil and schemes against his own team. Darvill returns to the series in the upcoming Season 3 as head of a new organization called the Time Bureau.

Broadchurch – Rev. Paul Coates

The seemingly pious and clean-cut Rev. Coates does his best to guide and counsel his troubled congregation while keeping his own activities close to his vest. Something of a schemer, he is an early suspect in the mysterious slaying of a local child. His past alcoholism, insomniac wanderings, suspicious visits to a prisoner and affair with the local hotel manager are all revealed over the course of this British crime drama’s three seasons.

Danny and the Human Zoo – Jonesy

Set in the Seventies, mustachioed disc jockey Jonesy is the manager of a young unworldly entertainer. He’s an opportunist in flared pants who recognizes the boy’s talent in this autobiographical film based on the real-life rise to stardom of British comedian Lenny Henry.

Crazy for You – Charlie

In this short film, Charlie has fallen in love with the perfect girl named Jessica. It’s just like in the Hollywood technicolor movies, except he’s a serial killer and Jessica mustn’t know. What’s a guy in love to do?

The White Queen – Duke of Buckingham

Over two episodes of this series, the power-hungry Duke plots to marry off his daughter to Prince Edward. He fancies gaining influence and riches as the father of a future Queen, but betrayals and backstabbings foil his plans.

Arthur Darvill

Doctor Who – Rory Williams

In this long-running science fiction television series, Amy Pond’s brave and often bemused husband Rory provides a steady hand and a sharp sword as needed. Rory dies multiple times and returns in a variety of ways. He’s brought back in an alien body and lives nearly 2,000 years, becoming known as the legendary Last Centurion. He’s returned to humanity only to be stranded in 1930s New York, where he and Amy live the rest of their lives. Rory also appears in Pond Life, Night and the Doctor, and Doctor Who: Space and Time.

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